Keystone State Games, Pennsylvania Senior Games Saturday results

The Keystone State Games and Pennsylvania Senior Games continued Saturday at several venues in Luzerne County.

Results include:



The Electric Surge’s four teams remained undefeated by the end of Saturday’s match.

Club teams from Kingston top each division.

ES Bolts are 4-0 in the U12s, ES Monsoon are 3-0 in the U14s, ES Freeze are 2-0 in the U16s and ES Cyclones are 3-0 in the U19s.

Saturday’s results:

U14: ES Rain over ES Thunder, 3-2; ES Monsoon over NEPA Force FUJI, 7-0.

U16: Firestyx draw with ES Snow, 1-1; ES Freeze over ES Hurricane, 4-0; ES Hurricane tied with ES Snow, 2-2; ES Freeze over Firestyx, 4-0.

U19: Knights over ES Tital Wave, 3-2; NEPA Force Everest over Jakstyx, 2-0; ES Cyclones over Firestyx, 4-1; ES Cyclones over NEPA force Everest, 10-1; Firestyx over ES Title Wave, 7-1; Knights over Jaxtyx, 2-0; ES Cyclones over Yaxtix, 7-1; Firestyx over Knights, 10-0; NEPA Force Everest over ES Title Wave, 2-0.


The Lebanon Longshots won twice to finish pool play 3-0 for the only perfect record that advanced four teams to Sunday’s semifinals.

Lebanon won the 19U Keystone division. The Keystone Lights went 1-2 and beat two other teams in a tiebreaker for second place.

Post 1 and the Dauphin County Stars exit the 19U Commonwealth Division with 2-1 records.

The semifinals are scheduled for Sunday morning to determine the two teams for Sunday’s final at 2 p.m.

Saturday’s results: Lebanon over Keystone Lights, 9-2; Schuylkill Vipers 16U over Swoyersville Breaker Boys, 8-7; Wilkes-Barre/Plains over Post 1, 2-1; Dauphin County All-Stars over Schuylkill Vipers 19U, 8-0; Swoyersville over Keystone, 8-4; Lebanon over Schuylkill Vipers 16U, 14-0; Post 1 over Dauphin County, 2-1; Schuylkill County 19U over Wilkes-Barre/Plains, 4-3.


In Saturday’s final pair of games, five teams – one in each division – improved to 2-0 with wins.

Four of those teams were South Region teams in the 12U Bantam, 16U Midget, 18U Midget and 19U Female divisions.

Another 2-0 team was Central in the 14U Bantam.

The West 18U Midget team was up 1-0 with a chance to make it 2-0 late in the game.

Saturday’s results:

12U Bantam: South over Central, 11-0; West over East, 7-1.

14U Bantam: Central over South, 2-1.

16U Midget: South over Central, 11-4; West over East, 7-1.

18U Midget: South over Central, 5-2.

19Women’s: South over Central, 7-3; East over West, 4-2.



PA Spike Force won the 50-54 division, Old School was second and Akamai was third.

The Nittany Legends won the division 55-59.

Brewers Alley won 60-64, Berks Pioneers won 65-69 and Divers 70s won 70-74.

All seven teams qualified for the 2023 Senior Championship in Pittsburgh.

In the 3-on-3 competition, the Shooting Stars won the 55-59 age group and the Franklin All-Stars won the 60-64 age group.

The Lancaster Warriors were first and the Beatles second in the division 65-59.

All four teams qualified for the 2023 Senior Championship in Pittsburgh.


Women’s singles champions in age groups were: 50-54, Melanie Scott; 55-59, Susan Stacks; 60-64, Kathleen Campbell; 75-79, Nancy Williams; 80-84, Darlis Simonton.

The best men’s singles players by age group:

18-29, first, Josh Craft; second, Nick Hart; third, Zach Hammond.

30-39, first, Michael Augsberger; second, John Flynn.

60-64, first, Brian McLaughlin.

65-69, first, George Dieffenbach; second, Terry Farley; third, Bernie Mackas.

80-84, first, David Steinbach.

85-89, David Kern.

The best participants of mixed doubles by age groups:

Open: First, Fred Hockenberry-Theo Hockenberry.

19-39, first, Nick Hart-Camryn Cassetori; second, Zach Hammond-Tea Amerise.

50-54, first, David Kern-Melanie Scott.

Men’s Doubles Age Group Champions: 18-29, Adam Wasniewski-Nate Cable; 25-30, Brian McLaughlin-Sachin Patel; 30-39, Stephen Craik-John Flynn; 40-45, Bernie Makos-Josh Craft; 55-59, Nick Toma-Terry Farley.

Age Group Women’s Doubles Champions: Open, Tea Amerise-Camryn Cassetori; 50-54, Melanie Scott-Kathleen Campbell.


Richard Gay, who competes in the 60-64 division, had the longest throw of 125-9.


Brian Salsman of the 60-64 division had the longest throw of 192-2.


James Gatzella, a competitor in the 60-64 division, finished first in the 1,500 meters in 13:26 and the 5,000 meters in 45:13.

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