Kim Kardashian, Ciara and others shown as swimsuit cover models Sports Illustrated 2022 – NBC10 Philadelphia

The current level is higher.

Sports Illustrated May 17 presented models of the cover for the release of swimwear in 2022, and this year the list included four dynamic women: Kim Kardashian, Ciaramodel May Musk, and singer Yumi Well. Along with her stunning photos, each of the magazine’s cover stars opened to release, including Kardashian writing a letter to her junior. In her note, the founder of SKIMS revealed that she is on her way to becoming a “more private person”.

“If you come here by May 2022, you will not be satisfied,” she wrote. “You’ll still be looking for that next ‘it.’ And if you find it, you will do it – we will do it – as always: in full. “

And yes, it goes without saying that every cover model is incredibly proud of their latest efforts, but perhaps one of the biggest fans of the latest release would be Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson.

Party to the 50th anniversary of the release of Sports Illustrated swimwear

In fact, the football defender wrote a sincere letter to the publication in honor of the mother of three children.

“As you can tell, I am incredibly proud of my wife,” he wrote. “And now that she’s on the cover of SI Swimsuit, it’s another thing I can be proud of. I know it’s something she’s always wanted. And I know she’ll use the visibility that comes from the cover to inspire even more people. Not only as a mother, a beautiful angel and a powerful woman who she is, but also as a business lady who she is, a fashion icon. “

But Wilson was not the only one who complained that the person closest to them was on the cover. Daughter of Mae Musk Longing Musk (whose older brother Elon Musk) also shared why her model mom continues to be an “unstoppable force”.

“My mother is now 74 years old,” Tosca shared. “Over the years on this planet she has received two master’s degrees in nutrition science, received awards in nutrition, has been in countless fashion shows and editorials, and she has even appeared in Beyonce video [“Haunted” in 2013.] “She’s the most fearless woman I’ve ever known.” As for the Yumi Nu model, the second landing of the swimsuit cover means everything to her for a very important reason.

“Of course, it was the biggest year of my modeling career so far,” she explained. “After the debut of SI Swimsuit in last year’s issue, I appeared on the cover of the September issue of Vogue … And I realized my long-held dream by booking the cover of Vogue Japan.”

She added: “I am the second generation of Japanese Americans, and Japanese culture values ​​the fact that I am skinny, sophisticated and small … So for me, being on the cover of Vogue Japan meant being noticed and respected by a culture that often makes people with a big body like mine, feel invisible ”.

As Yumi says, this is just the beginning. “The designers of some haute couture houses and the dumb, evil guys on the internet, among other things, just haven’t realized yet that people like me belong everywhere where everyone else is,” she said. “But I tell them: we will wait. We are not going anywhere. “


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