Krasner awards $ 60,000 to youth cycling programs Local news

Jesse West, executive director of Neighborhood Bike Works, spoke to the media on Monday at Philly Pumptrack after receiving a $ 20,000 grant from District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Since May 2021, the district attorney’s office has allocated more than $ 700,000 to local nonprofits as funding to prevent violence.

West, a nonprofit organization, works with Philadelphia youth ages 8 to 18 to teach them more than just cycling, such as bicycle maintenance and repair.

The program has several ongoing programs, including Earn-A-Bike, where participants learn the basics of repairing and maintaining bicycles, and after graduation they can save the bike they fixed.

“We use some guidelines in all our programs,” West said. “And I think this applies to all the initiatives we will talk about today. First, we provide a safe and conducive space. This is a space where our youth feels belonging. We provide access to engineering strategies. So it’s practical mechanics and problem solving. We provide opportunities for social and emotional development, and it’s all about giving and receiving respect. We are exploring new places with young people so that they know where to go by bike. We promote fitness and health and make healthy choices. And we also encourage readiness, career building, confidence and potential. ”

Krasner also donated $ 30,000 to Bartrams Garden in southwest Philadelphia and $ 10,000 to Philly Pamtrek in West Philadelphia.

“Simply put, such programs are part of a solution to save the lives of our city’s youth and improve public safety in the long run,” Krasner said. “Quite often, when you give young people options like learning to ride a bike, gain access to skills and teachers, they choose the right path. I welcome the work being done by these organizations, and I urge stakeholders to invest in these programs out of their own pockets, because they work to a great extent. ”

Bartram’s Garden offers free youth programs, including bike repair workshops, rental and group trips.

“The Bartram Garden provides a beacon of hope, light and endless opportunities for our youth in the Southwest Branch,” said State Representative Joanna McClinton. “Countless children enjoy summer programs, and many of them become employees of the Sankofa public farm. I am proud to be the defender of this pearl of the city in Harrisburg and I am grateful to District Attorney Krasner for a reasonable reinvestment in this organization. “

Caroline Winshel, director of development and communications at Bartram’s Garden, said she wants more people to see 50 acres of land in Bartram’s garden.

“And we really want to make sure that all our neighbors, children, families, everyone knows it’s a space in the future,” Vinchel said. “Build relationships in nature, build relationships in security, support and courtesy.”

Derrick Howie, a board member of Philly Pumptrack, said the bike path opened in 2014 as a safe place for community members.

“It’s a lot of fun. It teaches our youth responsibility, commitment and happiness, ”Howie said.

Nineteen-year-old Christopher Leggett said the track helped him keep out of the street.

“You can come home at the end of the day,” Leget said. “You don’t have to go outside and think if I’ll see my mom again. Am I going to have time for dinner that day? It’s scary for your mother to think about that. “

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