Lake Lehmann beats Wyoming to win WVC Division 2 baseball title

HUSTOWN – Neither Lake Lehman nor the Wyoming area was going to use their best jugs on Saturday either on purpose or because of the leisure requirements.

Thus, it was expected that the game of the Baseball Championship of the 2nd Division of the Wyoming Valley Conferences would have many crimes. And it worked when Lehman overtook the Wyoming area 13-11 in a marathon that lasted nearly three hours at Pitton’s primary center.

Both teams finished 11-1 in the division, which required a special playoff game two days before the start of the District 2 playoffs. Wyoming was started by Evan Melberger, his № 3 throw, who was on the field. Lehman gave veteran Tai Federici a couple of innings.

After that, the game for both parties was handed over to a number of pitchers with very limited university experience. Lehman junior Travis Jones became the best of the group. He threw the last 2.1 innings, allowing one hit and three, but more importantly, not allowing a run after Wyoming scored 10 times against two other pitchers.

“He was a clutch. He came there and hit, ”said Lehman coach Mike Soltis. “They dumped Evan, we dumped Taya to give them a little work and prepare for the playoffs. Then we were going to go to some of our kids. Sammy Finarelli did well in relief. He went through two, almost three innings. Then Travis came in and hit him. “

Jones and Wyoming sophomore Matt Rusinchak, who threw two zero innings, stopped in a game in which both teams fought twice.

Lehman led 6-0 out of five runs in the second inning. Gredon Finarelli made Homer out of three rounds. The Black Knights also drew, with four of those players scoring a goal.

Lehmann made it 7-1 in the third, but Wyoming responded with four runs at the bottom of the half. Jake Kelleher made three runs with Homer, and Joe Callarus excelled in another. The Warriors took a 7-6 lead in the fourth when a mistake in a shot on the Hunter Lowell subway killed two. These runners got to the base through a walk and a kick.

The Black Knights returned with a six at the top of the fifth and regained the lead with a score of 13-7. Cole Moria (single), Cole Kaiser (bag) and Nick Finarelli (field player choice) had an RBI. Chris Soltis walked with bases loaded for another RBI on his second trip to the plate in half. He started the frame with a double.

A few mistakes along with another move and a beet allowed Lehmann to send 11 beats to the plate, only for Wyoming – 10 at the bottom of the half and scored four times to reduce the deficit to 13-11. Lowell had a triple race twice between RBI units Keleher and John Morgan.

“That’s what we talk about all the time,” said Wyoming coach Rob Lemancheli. “We just want to compete on every serve, keep ourselves in the game no matter what. We never get out of the game. It is not necessary to return all seven at once. “


Lake Lehman (15-5) will be the first seed in the playoffs of Class 2A 3A District 2, and on Monday will host the Holy Redeemer with the eighth seed (5-12). Wyoming Square (17-4) will be the second seed in the D2-4A playoffs, and on Tuesday will host Hanover, the seventh seeded (5-13).

District officials will meet Sunday morning to finalize the district baseball schedule.

WVC Division 2 Championship

Lake-Lehman 13, Wyoming, District 11


Morio lf`4`2`2`2

C.Kaiser cf`2`2`1`2

G. Finarelli c`5`1`2`3

N. Finarelli 1b`4`1`1`2

Federichi p-rf`3`0`1`0

Naugle cr`0`0`0`0

C.Sholtis dh-p`3`1`1`1

T. Jones rf-p`0`0`0`0

S. Finarelli n`0`0`0`0

E. Kaiser 2b`3`2`1`0

Wallace 3b`3`2`0`0

M.Sholtsis ss`2`2`1`0


Wyoming area`AB`R`H`BI

Mathis ss`4`1`0`0

Melberger p-cf`4`1`0`0

Kelleher c`4`3`2`4

Hood 1b`3`2`0`0

Lawall 3b`5`3`3`2

Morgan cf`3`0`1`1

Novakovsky rf`4`0`1`0

Colarusso dh`3`0`1`1

Rusinchak lf-p`0`0`0`0

Carlin n`0`0`0`0

C.Noone 2b`3`1`1`0


Lake Lehmann`151`060`0 – 13

Wyoming area`014`240`0 – 11

2B – Morio, N. Finarelli, C. Soltis, Laval. 3B – Lawall. HR – G. Finarelli, Kelleher.




S. Finarelli W`2.1`5`6`4`4`2

T. Jones S`2.1`1`0`0`1`3




Small L`2.0`4`6`3`2`1


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