Votes for craft beer in Pennsylvania, and in Lancaster County became the winner.

Pour Man’s Brewing became the champion on Monday morning after counting the votes in the monthly competition.

“We’re all very excited about it,” says Ryan Foltz, owner and chief brewer of Ephrata Brewery. After the announcement, the Pour Man’s team was overwhelmed with congratulatory texts.

Breweries in Pennsylvania have created a Beer Madness competition to find the best brewery in the state. The first round of 64 breweries was selected from more than 300 state breweries using ratings in the Untappd beer app. Then it turned into a contest for popularity.

On Monday night, April 4, Pour Man’s plans to celebrate the $ 1 drawings at a brewery on South Reading Road.

In the long run Foltz will soon be cooking a holiday camp called Year of the Camp. When the beer is ready in about six weeks, it will be bottled across the region and will be available in banks, he says.

Other local breweries have hit the bracket, including Our Town Brewery, Lancaster; Funk Brewing, Emmaus, with a brewery pub in Elizabethtown, and Collusion Tap Works, York, with a tap in Lititz.

Moo-Duck Brewery, Elizabethtown, advanced to the second round.

Pour Man’s and Fourscore Beer Co., Gettysburg, were close in the number of votes the day before the contest. The Ephrata brewery has received celebrity support WWE Hall of Fame Rick Fleur and pulled forward from more than 31,000 votes.

By the end of the contest, craft beer fans had garnered nearly 450,000 votes, Breweries in Pennsylvania have shared on social media.

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