Lancaster songwriter Hunter Ruth experiences “Quicksand Sinking” with his new single | Life and culture

Hunter Ruth can’t slow down.

With a solo album in his name every year since 2018, in addition to several others with his band Medusa’s Disco, Ruth may just be one of the busiest musicians in Lancaster.

In Ruth’s new single “Quicksand Sinking,” he moved on, not only singing and playing guitar, bass and percussion, but also recording and composing a song at his home studio in Mannheim.

The single will be released on all music platforms on Friday, April 15, followed by a lyrical video. Ruth was named “Best Solo Artist” at the 2021 Central Pennsylvania Music Awards.

He is joined on the track by longtime collaborator and violinist Robin Chambers, who has been busy on the Lancaster music scene for decades. Chambers ’violin swells around the bluesy, acoustic Reef Root, creating a moody piece that will stay with you.

“It was amazing working with her on that,” Ruth says over the phone to Chambers. “Also it was different because I used to work with her in a band and with an engineer. But this time it was just us, so we felt the wonderful taste of our chemistry in the song.”

Next month will see the release of Medusa’s fourth album, and on Saturday, May 14, the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center will host an album show.

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