(CBS LOCAL) – Polls show that many Americans want to travel. Tourism in Las Vegas has fallen sharply in 2020, but the city is betting that life will start to return to normal this year.

Approximately downtown Las Vegas opened a hotel a few days before 2021, which opened a wave of new offerings this year.

It is located on Fremont Street with a swimming pool amphitheater and the world’s largest bookmaker.

The adult-only hotel is the first newly built resort in the city center to open in four decades. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels is imitating the former Hard Rock Hotel and plans to make its debut in late March. And there’s Resorts World, built from scratch and open this summer on the Las Vegas Strip. Crockfords is one of three hotels along with Hilton and Conrad that will be part of a $ 4.3 billion complex. This is LXR Hotel, Hilton’s newest luxury brand.

“It shows the resilience of Las Vegas and speaks to the desire of travelers to return to this wonderful place when things return to normal,” said Fletch Brunel, vice president of marketing for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors. Authority.

Until things return to normal, security measures will be in place. If you haven’t been to Vegas lately, that means mandatory face masks in public.

Some facilities have their own measures, such as thermal scanners in The Venetian, and in MGM hotels such as Bellagio, there are plexiglass barriers in board games, contactless experience, rules of physical distance and much more that you can not to see.

John Flynn, head of health and safety strategy at MGM International, says: “We draw in as much fresh air outdoors as possible.”

The MGM plan also includes a very unusual spectacle at the casino: specially built handwashing stations with soap and water, as well as signs reminding people of the importance of hand washing during a pandemic.

Brunel says that last year Las Vegas was visited by only 19 million tourists, which is 55% less than in 2019.

“We hope for 2021 that in March, April, May, June and, frankly, in the third quarter, there will be enough vaccinations, and people who have been cured of the virus, we will see good results. the amount of herd immunity, “Brunel said. He hopes that in the near future it will be the right bet.

Two new residences are also planned this year: Usher in Caesar and Donnie Osmand in Harry.

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