If you go to the LAUNCH music conference and festival this weekend, you can see a performance by a person who has never stepped on a professional stage before, let alone a performance in front of a crowd.

This is intentional.

LAUNCH director and founder Jeremy Weiss, who also owns CI Records in downtown Lancaster, is planning a festival and conference tailored to future performers.

“We know that some people are amateurs,” says Weiss. “We know that other people are doing something really intriguing, but it’s not in the traditional system of recording, recording, releasing, touring.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the typical LAUNCH schedule: the festival and music conference are usually held in the spring. In 2020, the festival was canceled, and in 2021, Weiss and his team staged a show in the fall.

“As soon as the lights were turned off from the 2021 campaign because it was fall, we were back in planning for that April campaign,” Weiss says. “It was hard and intense, but we’re here for that.”

This year, more than 130 performers will perform on seven stages in Lancaster.

Here’s what you need to know before heading to LAUNCH this weekend.


The LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival is usually a weekend event featuring musicians of all genres on Lancaster County. It is also a music conference where artists can meet industry professionals, chat and get advice on their work.

This year LAUNCH will run from Thursday to Saturday, and two shows will take place on Sunday midnight and 00:30

The musicians will perform on seven different stages in Lancaster: Isaac’s Brewhouse, Penn Square, Lancaster Marriott, Tellus360 and Freedom Hall, Ballroom and Galactic Rooms of the Lancaster County Convention Center.

Concerts at Isaac’s and Penn Square are free. For 14 years LAUNCH has always had a free component, Weiss says.

“Music is in the air: my favorite way to hear is Lancaster,” says Weiss. “Just go out and rest.”

There are several other paid ways to enjoy LAUNCH.

The weekend icon gives access to all conference panels as well as standard shows (although marquise shows cost extra) for $ 70. The $ 110 weekend VIP badge includes everything mentioned earlier, as well as a T-shirt, the ability to skip the queue at venues and access to shows.

Those interested could purchase a one-day season ticket for Friday or Saturday, each of which costs $ 50. Tickets are available at launchmusicconference.com.

Participants can pick up the badges in person at the Lancaster County Convention Center on Thursdays from 4pm to 9pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

Who speaks

Local and national performers will perform in Lancaster this weekend. Tent shows, or headliners of the show, include rock band Set it Off, indie / emo rapper Guardin and experimental rock / hardcore band I Set My Friends on Fire.

LAUNCH is also organizing Screaming Infidelities: Emo Night, which will feature nostalgic emo and pop punk tunes.

All tent activities for all ages.

Some artists from Lancaster County who can be seen this weekend include My Ex Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend (led by Max Bartas, who performed on Broadway in “Sing Street”), alternative rock band Houses in the Sky, punk rock the band Witch Weather, the alternative rock band Pink Lemons, the metal band Nailbite and more.

This year LAUNCH continues to collaborate with York College of Pennsylvania to prepare some of the festival’s concerts. The new festival in 2022 will also collaborate with students of the University of Millersville Music Business Technology program on some performances.

The full schedule of speeches can be found at lanc.news/LAUNCH2022.

What’s new

This year LAUNCH is not holding its usual Fest Friday, an open-air show at Binns Park that last year featured more than a dozen performers on three separate stages. Weather and logistics were important factors in deciding to move out of Beanns Park, Weiss says.

To fill the gap, Isaac’s Brewhouse and Tellus360 will host several LAUNCH performances. They used to hold the LAUNCH show, but it’s been a few years, Weiss says.

LAUNCH will also host its first country and American branded scene, as they have attracted several artists from these genres. Weiss says he is constantly working to make artists know about LAUNCH regardless of their genre.

“We always have a responsibility to make sure that every blessed genre and subgenre is informed about us and aware that they are welcome,” Weiss says. In recent years, LAUNCH has featured more diverse performers.

LAUNCH also collaborated with Corey Outman to come up with a scene for hip-hop and R&B.

Oatman, a Lancaster-based musician who plays Cory O, has been attending LAUNCH every year since 2016, when he performed in front of a crowd. So he knows how important such activities can be for those in the future.

“It’s definitely not like anything else in the city or even around central Pennsylvania,” says Outman. could earn a living by what LAUNCH taught me, other than being a musician ”.

This weekend he and his wife Jess Graham (who plays Jess AF) will perform alone and then together in their band called Two Broke Kids. Autman says he is looking forward to his wife performing on her own for the first time.

“I like being a part (LAUNCH) on the artist’s side,” Outman says. But he also enjoys being involved in logistics planning.

When Outman was choosing artists for the curatorial scene, he says he was deliberately choosing people who could really stir up the crowd.

“We had a variety of artists, hip-hop artists from all over the country posing for the show, and I had to pick a few artists to put them on stage,” Outman says. “I focused on whose vibes set the stage on fire.”

For more information on LAUNCH visit launchmusicconference.com.

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