Lauren Jauregui: I learned to love my body Celebrities

Lauren Jauregui has learned to love her body.

The 25-year-old singer wrote on Twitter to express love for her own body, insisting she will always appreciate it, even if it “doesn’t look like a Photoshop version”. [herself]”.

Lauren – who joined Fifth Harmony as a teenager after starring in “The X Factor” in 2012 – wrote on the microblogging platform: “I fell in love with my body in all its glory, regardless of weight. Even if I” I look like every second photoshop version of myself, this body is beautiful, it contains my beautiful spirit and I LOVE HER (sic) “

Lauren often uses her platforms on social media to speak candidly about her mental health struggles and her political views.

The singer, who is leading the charts, previously explained that creating music also helps her “make sense of life.”

Lauren, who released her long-awaited solo debut EP “Prelude” in November, said: “Art is my catharsis. Art is the way I make sense of life, what I feel and what I experience.”

Lauren starred in Fifth Harmony alongside Eli Brooke, Normani, Dina Jane and Camilla Cabela.

But despite their success in the charts, Lauren admitted that she struggled with anxiety and depression during her time in the band.

Reflecting on her experience in the women’s group, she shared, “One of the things I went through a lot in [Fifth Harmony] and outside the group there was anxiety and depression, which I believed largely stemmed precisely from this internal conflict that I had with dignity.

“Like, I deserve to feel safe, I deserve to feel cared for, I deserve a reliable team that isn’t going to do anything behind my back.”


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