Laurent elementary students participate in a virtual tour of the farm Berks Regional News

GARED EXETTER, Pennsylvania | Laurent Elementary School students in Exeter Township went to visit the Talview Dairy Farm near Anvil in Lebanon County without leaving their classroom.

This is the second virtual tour of dairy co-owners Stacey Copenhaver, says it ended as part of the American Dairy Association’s program in the Northeast.

“I like to go on farm tours because that’s where my two passions come together,” says Copenhager. “I love education and agriculture, so farm tours are the perfect combination of the two.”

She believes it is important for children to know where their food comes from.

For first-graders in Laurent studying farm animals, a tour of the farm has been a perfect addition to the curriculum.

“Since we couldn’t be there, it felt like we were there. It was very real,” said Ted Iselman, principal of Laurent Elementary School.

“We were able to ask questions in the field of questions and answers,” says first-class teacher in Laurent Emily Zientek. “[You] just enter them and then they answer our questions live on the farm ”.

Librarian Laurent discovered the possibility of a virtual tour and decided that since students were already familiar with Zoom, it would be a great way to interest them by expanding on a subject they had already learned about.

“You really didn’t need to plan,” Zientek says. “It was free and it’s a great experience for the kids.”

“It gives everyone an equal opportunity to take part in the trip,” says Copenhagen.

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