Leith Governor of the PA, Democratic candidate for the US Senate, John Fetterman suffered a stroke – NBC10 Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. and U.S. Senate Democratic nominee John Fetterman is recovering from a stroke, he said Sunday.

In a statement, the 52-year-old Fetterman said he was hospitalized on Friday due to ill health. He then learned that he had suffered a stroke that was caused by a clot due to the fact that his “heart had been in the rhythm of A-fib for too long”.

“Amazing doctors were able to quickly and completely remove the blood clot, returning a stroke, they also took control of my heart,” – wrote Fetterman. “It’s a good reminder to listen to your body and be aware of the signs.”

Fetterman said he felt much better and that he had not suffered any “cognitive impairment”. He is currently in the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital.

“They are still keeping me here to watch, but I must leave soon,” Fetterman wrote. “The doctors assured me that I would be able to return to the trail, but first I need to take a moment, rest and recover.”

Fetterman and his wife Gisele Barrett Fetterman also posted a video from the hospital.

Fetterman’s health questions have been circulating all weekend after he canceled scheduled public appearances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. His campaign cited health issues but was not specific until Sunday.

Fetterman did not say how many more will be in the hospital.

Thousands of early votes have already been cast in the race, though Pennsylvania Democrats on Tuesday finalize the nomination of a four-man general candidate, including Feterman, Conor Lamb, a three-term U.S. Conservative, and Malcolm Kenyatta.

Fetterman positioned himself as the choice for the Liberal voters in the quadripartite election to the Democratic primary this week in Pennsylvania. Poll from University of Monmouth last month showed that he is “very likely” supported by 44% of Democrat voters, and he heads his fellow Democratic candidates.

Lauren Mike of NBC10 gets answers to questions about Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Lt. Gov. John Fatteraman

Fetterman was in the lead from the beginning in polls and fundraising, even as the party establishment rallied around Lamb. Despite such support, Lamb found it difficult to reach voters or even break Fetherman’s reputation among voters who voted.

Lamb tweeted that he was giving a television interview when he learned of Fetterman’s stroke.

“Haley and I keep John and his family in our prayers and wish him a full and speedy recovery,” Lamb wrote.

Fetterman, who is 6 feet 8, has been open about his desire to lose weight in the past. He weighed over 400 pounds before losing almost 150 pounds in 2018.

His imposing growth was a significant part of his political appeal.

The former mayor of western Pennsylvania has tattoos on his arms, a clean-shaven head and a goatee. He swears on social media and wears shorts almost everywhere, even in winter.

He promised to move forward on Sunday despite deteriorating health.

“Our campaign is not slowing down a bit and we are still on the way to winning these primaries on Tuesday and canceling that seat in the Senate in November,” he said. “Thank you for all the support, and please come out and vote.”

The winner of his party’s nomination in the May 17 primaries will face a general election in November to replace US Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican who is retiring after two terms.

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In the race to replace retired Senator Pat Toomey, there are three politicians in Pennsylvania vying for senior positions: Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Malcolm Kenyatta, and Connor Lamb. Hedge Fund CEO Dave McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz are the main candidates in the Republican poll.

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