For every product and service sold in the world, the price is determined by the seller, not by the customer or the President of the United States. If the price of gasoline is too high, the people who run the oil industry are to blame, not the president. The same goes for food, clothing, shelter, and everything else.

If high prices are causing inflation across the country, the farmers are responsible, not any president. When the 9/11 attacks happened, we had a Republican president. He did not protect our southern border like any Republican or Democrat in the White House in the last 100-plus years.

Every politician elected to office is appointed to serve and protect all Americans. Instead, they serve and protect themselves. Sports fans know that when the season ends, team owners get rid of underperforming players and recruit new ones because they want a winning team.

We the people should do the same and vote for all incumbents in every election. Term limits are within our control if we choose to exercise our voting rights.

Tom Seitzinger