What light time is the right time for a Lindsay Lohan the movie and music to return.

The actress returns to her comedic roots and brings “Bad girls” nostalgia with her new rom-com Fall on Christmas.” Movies trailerreleased on October 7, includes a recording of her singing “Jingle Bell Rock,” the classic holiday tune she performed on stage in the 2004 cult film that made her an international superstar.

Lohan’s official cover version of the track will be released as a single on November 4 ahead of Falling for Christmas premiering on Netflix on November 10.

In the film, the 36-year-old plays a newly engaged heiress who is diagnosed with amnesia after a skiing accident just days before Christmas. While she recovers, she is looked after by the owner of the house, whom she plays “Look” alum Chord Overstreet, and his little daughter. The film also stars an actor Jack Wagneras well as younger sister Lohan, Aliana Lohan.

“Falling for Christmas” marks the first film in three years and the first leading role in a comedy in 13 years for the former child star, who, in addition to her fame with hits such as “Mean Girls,” “Amazing Friday“and her breakthrough 1998”A trap for parents” reboot, also found success as a pop singer in the 2000s earlier personal and legal upheavals stopped her career.

Later, the paparazzi’s favorite star stayed out of the spotlight and spent almost a decade lives in Dubaiwhere taking pictures of people without their permission is illegal.

During her time out of the public eye, she made sporadic appearances on screen, appearing mostly in independent films and television shows, including “Glee” in 2012. In 2019, she launched her own short-lived reality series, “Lindsay Lohan Beach Club.” Lohan also continued to pursue music, and Lohan released her latest single, “Back to Me,” in 2020.

In 2021, Lohan removed Super Bowl 2022 commercial for Planet Fitness, which poked fun at her troubled past, and made Falling for Christmas. “I realize what I’ve always been meant to do, and that’s always to act.” – said the actress Fashion earlier this year. “I feel very grateful and very excited that I’m doing all this and it’s going so well and it’s happening at the right time.”

She said she had so much fun filming Falling for Christmas, adding: “It made me appreciate being away for so long. I was very happy to be there, very grateful and happy to be around everyone. “

And in addition to starring in the new rom-com, Lohan also found love in real life: Last summer, married a businessman Bader Shammas.


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