EAST GOSHEN – During a visit to 55 active Hershey’s Mill community adults on Friday, Chester County Registrar Chris Pieli made sure three dozen U.S. veterans recorded dismissal documents and received discount certificates for Chester County veterans.

The service was provided free of charge to veterinarians during occasional off-site activities, and the service was also available during normal business hours at the West Chester office.

The process provides protection for veterans ’documents in the event of loss, improper placement, or natural disaster to prevent the interruption or cessation of benefits for veterinarians or their families.

Don Ale lives in Hershey’s Mill, is an Army veteran and was excited to take advantage of the service.

“You didn’t have much respect during the Vietnam War,” Ale said. “Now you do, and I enjoy it.

“Years ago, they didn’t say, ‘Thank you for your service.’

West Chester resident Jim Salvas took pictures and asked questions at Friday’s event.

“I learned something today,” said Vietnamese veterinarian Salvas. “I’m entitled to more benefits than I thought.”

To promote the record and preservation of veterans’ documents, it was proposed to issue an identity card with a photo of the county, and was invited to participate in a discount program involving more than 100 local businesses.

Local veterans receive assistance by requesting records

A release released by the Recorder of Deeds states: “Once recorded, any paper copies containing confidential information are destroyed, and digital images of these important documents are stored in a secure database on our server. This ensures that only servicemen, their immediate relatives, authorized servicemen or veterans’ organizations will have access to these registered documents. Dismissals to the army are the only documents we keep that are not included in the public document. “

The veteran of the USA also drank. He is running as a Democrat to run for state representative in the 156th constituency of retired Diana Herin, against Republican Heidi VanderVaal.

“It is an honor for me to serve my fellow veterans,” he said. “It’s helpful to help those who have given so much.”

Veterinarians took advantage of what Pelly said was “one window”. The Veterans Administration, the Multifunction Veterans Center, and a representative of the U.S. Congressman and Veteran Chrissy Hulahan office were available to answer questions and offer services.

Kenneth Marx is a veteran of the Afghan army and a resident of Hershey Mill.

“They know I’m here,” he said.

Marine veteran Rich Corbitt was able to attend the event and was grateful for the convenience. He had just moved to Chester County and made sure he was registered locally.

Pieli urged all veterinarians who need help with transcript records to visit his office at 313 W. Market St. Suite 3302, West Chester or call 610-344-6330. You can also write to VeteransID@chesco.org.

“When veterans record their dismissal with us, they protect it in case of loss,” Pieli said. “All they need to do is contact us, and within 24 hours we can give them a certified copy of the release documents accepted by the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.”

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