Longwood Gardens retains spring fever; Morality sinks in call center 911; The medical team can resume services

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The heat … another day. Expect another pair when we reach a maximum of about 93 degrees with the sun. Next week we will return to more seasonal weather.

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Will Croser undo the reduction in mental health?

On Wednesday, Crozer Health CEO Kevin Spiegel held a town hall, telling staff that the behavioral and drug services that are planned to close will remain open as the Delaware County Council announced it had filed a civil lawsuit demanding the extension of those services. Requests for comments from Crozer Health Friday were not answered. On Friday, Peggy Mellon, president of the Chester Crosser Nurses Association and a Behavioral Health Nurse, said Spiegel held Zoom City Hall with health officials.

Moral spirit is in the heart of Chester County 911

Chester County Emergency Services Center 911 is experiencing an unprecedented loss of emergency dispatchers, leaving a significant gap in the county’s public safety system and forcing the county to seek to fill vacancies that have remained vacant over the past few months. Since January, a total of 13 telecoms – 911 employees who take emergency and non-emergency calls from the public and then send police, fire or ambulances to resolve the situation – most of the top-level, have left their jobs in the county. . During the same period, only seven new employees were hired.

“Boys from Shoes” are important for the success of the fundraiser Wine, Women & Shoes for a homeless shelter

There is at least one day other than Thanksgiving when men in Berks County take over the kitchen to cook for dozens of people. This spring at the Opportunity House in Reading. On May 9, a group whose nickname does not indicate culinary skills prepared and served a turkey dinner at a shelter in Reading, then visited the establishment. These are the “guys out of shoes”, famous people in the business, education, governmental and non-profit communities of Berks. They play a major role in the annual gala of Wine, Women & Shoes – the main fundraising event for Opportunity House – scheduled for Thursday night at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Penn Street in downtown.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, student participation is crucial in the fresco project of Montca Central Technical High School

For students and staff working on a mural project at Montco Central Technical High School, it’s much more than art. “It allowed us to bring our community back after the whole pandemic and bring everyone back to help and come,” said Joanna Johnson, a senior at the school’s teaching academy. “It was a lot of fun. It allowed us to bring each other’s voices back to one piece. ” The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting communities for more than two years. Schools were closed due to health and safety problems as teachers switched to distance learning. Virtual, hybrid, and personal models of education were introduced as the ups and downs of the current global health crisis continued.

Church in Potstown prays for victims of mass shootings

A year ago, Whitina Gregory would not have laid down on the couch, although she was tired. “I would have endured it because I am,” she said. But she said she was trying to listen more to her body, so she lay on the couch for 20 minutes. Probably that dream saved her life and her niece’s life.


Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola (left) watches down as Will Smith of the Los Angeles Dodgers (right behind) walks around base after a home run during the sixth inning of a baseball game on Saturday, May 21, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo / Chris Szagola)

Bates is three times ashamed of the cycle, leading the Dodgers past Phyllis

Flourie Bates stumbled past the second base – a rare mistake for one of the most all-around all-star in baseball – and supported his fall with his left hand. Bates jumped up, clutching his left arm, and bounced to the other. Bates Hamred, double and singles, rolled in three rounds, threw out potential determination and led to the seventh straight win for the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-4 over the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night.


This spring Longwood Gardens attracts visitors from all over the world to Chester County

People from all over the world join American friends to visit the Longwood Gardens. This spring, the world-famous botanical attraction, located near Route 1 north of Kenneth Square, is teeming with visitors who enjoy a wide range of vibrant exhibitions of flora and fauna. Older people are walking around the area, children are discovering many species of cacti on this planet, and families are beaming with smiles as they explore the Longwood Gardens together.

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