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The World Rugby Sevens Championship is being held in the USA for the first time since 2020.

Faced with delays due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, HSBC Rugby Sevens goes full force Los Angelesand the two-day tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

Ahead of the 2021-22 series finale, which begins with pool play on Saturday, let’s take a look back to see how previous tournaments in the United States have fared:

What is the US Sevens?

The USA Rugby Tournament, run by World Rugby, is one of the largest rugby tournaments in North America, along with the Vancouver Sevens in Canada. It is one of 10 tournaments that make up the Rugby World Series 7, in which 16 nations compete to accumulate points (only nine tournaments in 2021-2022 due to COVID-19). The country with the most points at the end of the tournaments will win the series that year.

Due to the pandemic, in this current series, the nation gets 22 points for first place in the tournament, 19 for second and 17 for third. For teams ranked lower than third, points are distributed 15 to one depending on the country’s place (for example, fourth place gets 15, last place one).

When did USA Sevens start?

The first edition of the USA Sevens began in Los Angeles in 2004. He moved to San Diego in 2007 and stayed there until 2010. That year, the tournament moved to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas for the entire decade before returning to Los Angeles in 2020.

There was no USA Sevens tournament in 2021 due to COVID-19.

How many times has the United States won the US Sevens?

Winning on home soil was not a common theme for the USA. The Eagles have won just two of 17 tournaments in the country. But both of them recently appeared in 2018 and 2019. Argentina won the first match 28-0 and the second 27-0 against Samoa, two countries that had previously beaten the Americas.

Which nation has the most US Sevens wins?

South Africa are the most successful nation in the US Sevens with five wins. The Springboks are also the most recent winners, beating Fiji 29-24 in the 2020 final.

Here’s an annual look at the winners since 2004:

  • 2004: Argentina
  • 2005: New Zealand
  • 2006: England
  • 2007: Fiji
  • 2008: New Zealand
  • 2009: Argentina
  • 2010: Samoa
  • 2011: South Africa
  • 2012: Samoa
  • 2013: South Africa
  • 2014: South Africa
  • 2015: Fiji
  • 2016: Fiji
  • 2017: South Africa
  • 2018: USA
  • 2019: USA
  • 2020: South Africa

LA Sevens 2022 preview

Looking at a table going into Los Angeles, South Africa have made it six wins in America, which will also seal their place as winners of the 2021-22 series. The Springboks have 124 points thanks to their top four finishes, two points ahead of Australia and six ahead of Argentina in the standings. The only country to score over 100 is Fiji with 100 points.

The U.S. sits sixth in the standings with 84 points, so it’s out of the running for a top-three finish in the series. However, a top three finish at the tournament is still on the cards. The USA finished fifth in the 2020 tournament.

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