Louis Robert is on the list of victims of COVID, and the central field player can miss the entire home podium of the Chicago White Sox – Reading Eagle

Chicago White Sox midfielder Louis Robert could be absent from all five games after being included in the COVID-19-related injury list on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, he suffers from mild COVID symptoms,” Sox general manager Rick Hahn said. “The good news is that he’s vaccinated, so hopefully his experience is relatively mild and we’ll be back at some point, very possibly next week.

“Of course, he won’t be playing in the Boston series (which started on Tuesday) and most likely won’t be playing against the Cubs this weekend.”

Robert cuts 0.285 / .319 / .438 with three doubles, six home runs, 17 RBIs, six stolen bases and 21 runs in 33 games. He leads the Sox in Hammers and ranks second in RBIs, running, stolen bases and shared bases (60).

“It’s so much fun to watch,” Sox manager Tony La Rousseau said. “For us and our fans, I really hope it’s soon and we’ll get it back in five or six days.”

Adam Engel started in the center of the field on Tuesday. AJ Pollock and Leury García are also options.

A corresponding move on Tuesday by the Sox recalled a third man from Jake Burger’s bases from Triple-A Charlotte. Burger has an average of 0.239 with two doubles, two home runs and seven RBIs in 21 games with the Sox in 2022.


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