Louis Robert leads the winning streak on the 9th, giving the Chicago White Sox a 3-2 win over the New York Yankees – Reading Eagles

The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees tied at the bottom of the ninth Saturday at Guaranteed Right Field.

Tim Anderson represented a potential win for the Sox at second base.

Some strikers may try to do too much to produce for a team in such conditions. But Louis Robert was patient, waiting for the right field to attack the Yankees closer to Aroldis Chapman.

Robert took three swords and went on strike. He then gained his height by tearing the single to the right. Anderson scored earlier than Aaron Judge’s throw, giving the Sox an exciting 3-2 victory over 32,830.

“I’ve tried to keep up with his fastball before,” Robert said through an interpreter about his approach to the situation. “I was trying to make contact.”

It was the second hit to complete the game in Robert’s career. The first occurred during his opening season, when on August 30, 2020, he held a home run against the Kansas City Royals.

“It was better,” Robert said. “I was more excited, the fans here are against the Yankees. After two defeats, it was very good. “

Sox fell the first two games of the series, allows you to combine 25 runs.

Dallas Keuchel gave the Sox a catchy boost on Saturday, scattering four hits in five screaming innings. He crossed out three and passed three in the 86-pit.

“We made our share of mistakes in the first couple of nights (series) and they made a lot of money on them,” Kochel said. “I felt that if I could do a few positions and execute early, I had a good chance. Funny to oppose such a team, because of the way they swing the bits and the depth of the lineup, they can change a few guys every night.

“They just keep rolling. But we are also a good team. “

Keuchel followed a strong outing against the Boston Red Sox with a friend against the Yankees. On May 8 in Fenway Park he passed the top six inningsallowing two runs on six strokes in a 3-2 victory.

Postponed Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Guardians. postponed its start to the day. He was ready for the team with the best result in baseball.

“He has spent his entire career playing against good teams, right and left,” said Sox manager Tony La Rousseau. “He beat a good team in Boston. They are good. He has a lot of weapons when he serves. “

Keuchel got a double game to complete the first. It was the first time in the series that the Sox were not allowed to run in the first.

The Sox caused damage on the first Saturday. Anderson singled out one of his three hits and scored Robert’s single in the first run. Robert extended his stroke to 12.

John Mancada Hamred leads the third.

Keuchel came out with a 2-0 lead after Anthony Rizzo grounded with second baseman Josh Harrison with bases loaded to finish fifth.

“I feel more like myself,” Kochel said. “I told you (reporters) that I was close. I would love to stay a little longer tonight. I thought it was my job. I’m a little disappointed at five.

“My task is to go out there and throw as much as I can. I thought (86) fields would be enough for at least six. Given how many games we play (17 games in 17 days), I thought I had at least 100 fields today. This did not happen. I’m not very happy with that, but this is my competitor, and we will have to come up with something (on Sunday), because now we have a lot more guys. “

Relief Kendall Graveman conceded one hit in two zero innings.

The Yankees scored one goal in the eighth game against Joe Kelly, and the Sox brought Liam Hendrix closer with two on and one outs. He knocked out Josh Donaldson and Gleiber Torres, keeping the score 2-1.

The Yankees tied the game on Kayla Higashioki’s sacrificial swing in the ninth, but Isia Kiner-Falefa didn’t try to move to third place in the game. Mancado cut off AJ Pollock’s throw and got the ball to Anderson, who covered the third and assigned Keener-Falef to the second half.

“Great relay and shutdown,” La Rousse said. “It was huge.”

Anderson decided on a friend in the ninth, and Moncada left, raising Robert.

“It’s a high baseball IQ because you’re not going to walk (Chapman) with a home runner, his stuff is too good,” La Russa said. “We need to find a way to get someone to the base. Tim’s base kick was huge, a walk from Mancada, they worked hard at taking what he gave and he won’t give you much that you can do a lot of damage. ”

Robert found a hole in the right side of the backyard, and Anderson did the rest, giving the Sox their first win of the season.

“The first two games they were just better than us,” Robert said. “But today we came prepared and able to perform, and then came out on top.”


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