Lower Marion City manager and secretary to receive 3.5% salary increase – Mainline Media News

LOWER MERION – Lower Merion township manager and city secretary will receive a 3.5 percent salary increase under new contracts approved by commissioners last week.

The council voted on both contracts separately, with the head of the settlement being the first to be discussed.

Todd Sinai, president of the council of commissioners, said the Lower Marion approves a contract with the head of the township every two years.

“I am glad that we in Lower Marion have what I consider to be the chief municipal manager in the region, and if we remember the period up to 2022 and 2021, it was a particularly difficult time to be the head of the township and a really great performance for this township where , I think we have not missed a single blow, and the same cannot really be said of many of our peer communities, ”Sinai said.

Under the new contract, the township will pay McNeely a salary of $ 213,338 for 2022 plus a one-time payment of $ 6,000 after the conclusion of this employment agreement.

McNeely has been the manager of Lower Marion since 2014.

Along with the approval of the contract with the head of the township department, the board also approved a 3.5 percent increase in the salary of the township secretary.

“If you were looking up a dictionary to identify key personnel, you would come up with a picture of our secretary, Jodie Kelly,” Sinai said.

Sinai said Kelly was in the building to make sure everything continued to work when no one else could be present during the COVID blockade.

“So Jody keeps this board at work, she keeps us all on track, she keeps us all 14, that we say every year is a harmless feat, and she makes everyone work,” he added.

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