Lucerne County reports “normal problems” at polling stations

Lucerne County officials said they considered a number of “routine issues” on Tuesday when voters came to the polls to cast their ballots.

The vast majority of problems arose as a result of user errors and were quickly resolved by active support staff, Acting County Governor Ramild Krakam said in an email to the media.

The county election bureau did not report any global or widespread problems with polling stations or equipment, Krokama said.

Election Director Michael Susek called the staff a “fantastic job” but added that they sometimes needed help to fix problems.

“Starting at 5:45 a.m., we looked at a steady stream of minor, common problems, ranging from the fact that survey staff entered access codes into the wrong field, to not turning on batteries. Our election day support team includes staff, technical support over the phone, representatives of our on-site equipment suppliers and a team of rovers that can be deployed anywhere where practical assistance is needed, ”Susek said.

On Tuesday’s primary election, the constituency tested and programmed more than 1,000 pieces of voting equipment, including voting books, tabs and touch screens. As of 11 a.m. due to power supply problems, one tab has been replaced and 4 blocks of the survey book have been replaced.

Personnel changes took place at the last minute in some polling stations. At least one site did not open until 7 a.m. due to the fact that the building was closed. The vast majority of polling stations were fully staffed.

The county said after the primaries it would work with suppliers to make sure any problems with the government would be resolved before the November general election.

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