LVHN will open a new hospital in Lacquana County – The Morning Call

On Tuesday, the Lehigh Valley health network cut the ribbon at its new Lehigh Valley Hospital in Dixon.

The hospital on Main Street in Dixon City is 100,000 square feet with an emergency department at 19 departments and a helipad. LVHN planned for the hospital to have a surgical specialty as well as seven operating rooms and two procedural ones. LVHN representatives did not immediately respond to a request for the opening date of the facility.

Surgical and procedural programs to be offered at this campus include spine, joint replacement, general orthopedics, arm, otolaryngology, urology, bariatric, and gastrointestinal surgery.

The Lacquana County Office also has its own medical imaging technology including CT, ultrasound, X-ray and fluorography. Telemedicine and virtual care will also be provided outside the hospital.

The new hospital has created more than 250 new jobs, according to a LVHN press release. The president of the hospital is Kim Jordan, a nurse with more than 30 years of experience.

“This campus will become an integral part of the community, healing residents and helping them live better lives,” said Dr. Michael Rossi, executive vice president and chief clinical officer of LVHN.

The LVHN Health Center in Dixon City is also part of the hospital’s new campus. The center offers outpatient MRI services, rehabilitation and analgesia, and outpatient orthopedic care through Scranton’s internal coordinated orthopedics.

LVH-Dickson City is another element in the LVHN expansion game, and the network has another hospital, LVH-Carbon in Carbon County will open sometime later this year. The morning call reported that LVHN is implementing plans to build a small hospital in the town of Lower Makungi.

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