Made right here: M&Q Packaging in Schuylkill Haven | Pokanos and the Coal Region

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA. – It’s hard to think of where you can’t find a product made by M&Q Packaging.

“M&Q specializes in recycling engineering plastics into various packaging materials, such as cooking bags, sterilization packaging, aerospace materials, aircraft, rocket engines. We are also involved in packaging for chemicals and other complex materials,” said Michael Schmal. M&Q packaging.

Schuylkill County was founded in 1955 in Freehold, New Jersey. He has been in Pennsylvania since 1978.

“When you go to a Subway store and buy marinade sauce with meatballs, they spread out our marinade pots, we also work with McCormick spice down in Baltimore,” Schmal said.

“We process films for companies like Boeing and Airbus.”

And much, much more.

The plastic film is produced around the clock by a team of about 150 people.

“We have a lot of long-term employees who have worked here for a long time, have seen all the products develop and enter the market,” said Schmal.

And they are evolving much more. But so far they are focused on meeting growing demand.

“We are trying to reduce our huge backlog of orders. We have so many orders that we can’t handle everything,” Schmal said.

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