I would like to remind people that there will be winners and losers in the upcoming midterm elections and in all future elections. Winning candidates receive more votes than losing candidates, sometimes by very small margins. This is basic math.

If a candidate loses, it does not mean that the election was rigged; therefore, fewer votes were obtained than the opponent. All the waste of taxpayer resources in the world, such as conducting exhaustive recounts and endless lawsuits, will not change this outcome.

Great candidates embrace this challenge and want to earn voters’ votes by demonstrating the ability to lead and by encouraging, not dissuading, citizens to vote. Complaining about losing an election and yelling when you don’t like the result is what my parents called a loser, and they taught me not to be one.

Let us all consider the values ​​we want our leaders to uphold when we vote on November 8th.

Deniz Drobnik
Western reading