Man charged with murder after body was found at U-Haul in Westmoreland County

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The body was found at the U-Haul facility in Westmarland County on Saturday.

The Westmoreland County Attorney’s Office said the woman’s body was found at a facility on Leachburg Road in Lower Barrel.

The victim was identified as 41-year-old Kelly Steele, and 42-year-old Alfred Steele was charged with criminal murder and robbery with grievous bodily harm. Authorities did not name the cause of death.

“This is a terrible tragedy for Ms. Steele’s family and friends, as well as for Westmarland County as a whole,” District Attorney Nicole Zicarelli said in a release.

Alfred is in Westmarland County Jail after being convicted Saturday night.

When officers took him out of the police station, there was a KDKA-TV. He lowered his head and had no comment. The judge refused to extradite Alfred.

According to documents online, Alfred has been arrested several times in the past, including a month ago. In this case, he faces a criminal offense for possession of drugs and intent to deliver, as well as hooliganism.

He was also arrested again in January in Armstrong County for simple assault, resistance to arrest and public drunkenness.

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