Manhol hangs out more than 800 banners in honor of Armed Forces Day

MANHAL (KDKA) – As we approach Remembrance Day, it is time to remember those who served in the military and those who gave their lives for the country.

Saturday was Armed Forces Day, and more than 800 veteran banners were hung on Main Street in Manhala in their honor and memory.

It was exclusively a volunteer activity: dozens spent their day hanging banners.

They said that every year more and more of them need to be endured and honored.

“We hang out streamers, you also get two streamers for your own yard, and every year it grows, grows and grows,” says veteran Kevin Ondo. “It started on Main Street, but now we’re going out on different streets to hang out banners.”

If you know a veteran who would like their image on the banner, they can go to Carmine’s barber shop to apply and then send a photo.

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