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WESTERN CHESTER – Just three days before Tuesday’s primaries, many of Saturday’s 21 women’s rights protesters called for about 400 protesters in the historic courthouse.

Downingtown Mayor Phil Dage has blamed a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could overturn 50-year-old Rowe W. Wade’s decision on complacency by some voters.

“Are you outraged?” Dag asked. “Get out of your comfort zone.

Demonstrators are responding to a possible Supreme Court ruling. (BILL RETU GROUP MEDIANEWS)

“Go out and vote – every election – every primaries.”

West Chester Mayor Lillian DeBatiste told protesters, many of whom were holding protest signs, that we are in a “long game.

“It’s a war,” she said. “Our actions have consequences.

West Chester Mayor Lillian Debate talks to Roe W. Wade in the historic courthouse.  (BILL RETU - MEDIANEWS GROUP)
West Chester Mayor Lillian Debate talks to Roe W. Wade in the historic courthouse. (BILL RETU – MEDIANEWS GROUP)

“We’re all in this together.”

U.S. MP Chrissy Hulahan, D-6th Easttown, said that, according to her, politicians do not touch the connection and that President Trump is “dangerous” for our country.

“It’s just to prevent safe abortions,” she said. “Women will be hurt.

“Everyone will suffer.”

Protesters in the historic courthouse (MEDIANEWS GROUP)
Protesters in the historic courthouse (MEDIANEWS GROUP)

State MP Daniel Friel Otten, D-155th of Uwchlan, supports Rowe W. Wade and noted that the grandmothers fought for change.

“We need women who are ready to stand up,” she said.

Former West Chester Mayor and State Representative Diane Herin, D-156 of West Chester, spoke of the unfinished and “terrible” Harrisburg legislation. She said that had it not been for Governor Wolf’s actions, Pennsylvania would have been “worse than Texas”.

Disagree with the Supreme Court.  (BILL RETU GROUP MEDIANEWS)
Disagree with the Supreme Court. (BILL RETU GROUP MEDIANEWS)

Registrar and 156-member state candidate Chris Pieli said changes in the Supreme Court could lead to abortions.

“We would be forced to raise children like cattle,” Pieli said. “These people are trying to take us back to the dark times of history.”

Kim Andrews, executive director of the Chester County Women and Girls Foundation, said she supports basic human rights.

“Get engaged,” she said. “They are running for office.

“Make your voice heard.”

Blake Sires is a junior at Kenneth High School.

“As long as we treat abortion as a dirty word, we continue to hinder women,” Siresa said.

County Commissioner Marian Maskowitz asked the rallies to remember the ladies, their right to vote and equal pay.

“It takes too long,” she said.

Commissioner Josh Maxwell said plans are being made to address any possible changes.

Blair Thornburg was quoted as saying by the New York Times that Pennsylvania was a battlefield state.

“A lot of people want to stand up for those rights,” she said.

Dan Schatz, Minister of the Unitary Congregation of West Chester, said that religious rights do not possess this issue if we believe in love and justice.

Katie Spar is running for state MP in the 160th constituency and said all politics is local and every vote matters.

“Find a candidate and help them get elected,” she said.

Jill Lauffenberg is the CEO of Wings for Success.

“We are not in favor of abortion,” she said. “Women don’t get pregnant just to finish it.

“We are not standing here and celebrating abortions. We recognize the fundamental right of women to choose. “

Charlotte Valle is chair of the Chester County Democratic Committee and noted that 50 years after Rowe, fighting is still going on.

“It’s time to step up – we need education.”

Megan Carey stepped out of the steps of the courthouse.

The event was sponsored by Indivisible of Chester County, Chester County Marching Forward, Empower PA PAC, Way Forward, Black Women of Chester County in Action, Coatesville City Council members and Red, Wine and Blue.

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