Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates the next Meta headset (view) – TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg went to his personal Facebook page today show demo version the company’s unreleased “high” VR headset.

The physical product, currently codenamed Project Cambria, was blurred in the video, but Zuckerberg demonstrated a “mixed reality” experience when the color cameras of the new headset reflected a passing video of the outside world, superimposing a gaming experience from above. these visual effects.

The company has already said it hopes to use this device for an experience that goes beyond the game, in particular to improve performance, although this demo called “The World Beyond” was definitely more like a game.

The company’s $ 299 Quest 2 headset already has pass-through cameras, but they only capture images in shades of gray, the Cambria’s built-in sensors will capture full color, which should provide a more exciting experience. A special depth sensor on board the device will also help, which should help the headset more accurately place digital content in the user’s physical space.

There are many unanswered questions about the device, particularly what “high end” means in terms of price. Meta has largely sold its virtual reality products at a loss, but as it doubles in the metaverse, it is unclear whether this is a long-term strategy. Information Earlier it was reported that the headset will cost $ 799, although a Meta spokesman said then that the price would be “much higher”.

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