Martin Freeman admits that there was a noticeable “gap” on the set of the sequel to “Black Panther” without the late Chadwick Bowman.

The 50-year-old actor, who plays Everett K. Ross in the Marvel blockbuster, admitted that he felt “weird and sad” without the Hollywood legend (T’Chala / Black Panther), who passed away at the age of 43. In August 2020, after a private battle with cancer while working on the film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.

He told Collider, “It was weird from that side. On the one hand, you’re making a film that you need to make, and there are a lot of people on the set who joined that attempt to make a film. But there is also no doubt that in fact there is a big gap now, and you have felt it. “

Freeman has great respect for director Ryan Kugler and says everyone has invested everything they have in the film to ensure they do justice to the star.

He continued: “With all due respect to Ryan Kugler and everyone else who sweats and bleeds to do it properly, it was fun. It was nice. I think I got in and out of it pretty quickly.

“But I like playing Everett Ross. He’s a very interesting character. He has a good attitude to history. He’s a good guy. But it was weird. Of course, it was weird with Chadwick [Boseman] not be there. This is not to be bypassed. I think it would seem strange and sad to everyone, but at the same time, life’s things do not end there. It’s not like, “Well, that’s what happened, so we all have to leave and never do it again.” But it was weird. When he passed by, I thought, “Okay, maybe there just won’t be another.”

“But there are other stories that can be told in this world and other great characters. I think and I hope we made a good film. I really trust Ryan Kugler.”

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