Marx profits from Helen’s misfortune at Williams Grove Sports

Brent Marx won the Morgan Cup 2022 World of Outlaws Morgan for sprint cars on the Williams Grove Speedway on Saturday night, winning $ 17,500 in an event that seemed to belong to Jacob Allen.

Allen kicked off at the pole of the 30-lap Morgan Cup, an event named after the late owner of the Morgan Hughes track. The Hanover native murmured at number 1A on the speedway, acting flawlessly on all lanes of the oval, in traffic and off-road.

However, after a restart two laps to go, Elena’s mount began to squirt when green replaced yellow, allowing fourth starter Mark to drive due to frustration at the end of the race.

Allen captured the back of the field on the eighth lap of the main event and started putting the cars in a circle. He barely escaped the crash a few seconds later when in the third turn he somehow managed to get around Kyle Moody’s spin.

Moody’s misfortune slowed the frantic pace set by the cars and cleared the way for leader Allen.

Another lap was recorded before another yellow flag appeared, this time for the swirling Lance Dewey, who returned to the field but later left the field.

As a result of the restart Brock Zearfos got out of shape on the front parachute, again forcing the yellow flag.

Sheldon Hodenshield took second place for the new green, and Marx in third, and Allen rushed away when the action resumed, snatching the advantage of 1.1 seconds in just one lap.

Allen re-entered the back of the field on the 18th lap and made his way perfectly across the field, choosing his lanes at will, beginning to feel pressure from Hodenshield and Marx.

The three front cars briefly gathered in a pile eight laps until the end, when they struggled to stop T.J. .

After Allen freed himself from Stutts, Allen regained a 1.2-second lead over Marx and was within sight of the white flag when slow-moving racer Matt Campbell held out a yellow flag, forcing the green-and-white checkers to run to the finish line.

And then the catastrophe fell on the setter, when restarting his jumper stumbled and snorted when he returned the field to the lane.

Allen tried to recover and glide to keep Marx in awe, but the move failed, and Marx catapulted on the stretch for a round and a half when Allen soon left for the field.

This victory was the 14th in Marx’s career on the Williams Grove speedway and the second of the season after the victory over the All Stars in late April.

The Myerstown driver also scored a goal at World of Outlaws in Texas earlier this season.

His victory in the Morgan Cup means that the Cup trophy itself will return home to the Williams Grove Speedway office, having spent the last two years at World of Outlaws headquarters.

Marx received a $ 500 bonus for beating down driver drivers as a member of the Pennsylvania Posse, according to event sponsor H&N Landscaping of Mechanicsburg.

When Allen stepped back, Carson Maceda drove around Howdenschild on the last laps and finished second. However, the Californian approached the scales during the post-race review, taking him to the final position in the final list.

Mark’s lead in the victory was 1.517 seconds.

Howenshield took second place and Rick Abreu was third. Donnie Shatz and Logan Schuhart finished in the top five. Sixth to 10th were David Gravel, Brad Sweet, Spencer Baston, James McFadden and Gio Sklezi.

The highest competitions went to Allen, Howenshield, Abreu and Schatz, Allen won the jerk, and McFadden took B Main.

Morgan Cup World of Outlaws

Feature: (30 circles): 1. Brent Marx, 2. Sheldon Howdenschild, 3. Rick Abreu, 4. Donnie Schatz, 5. Logan Schuchart, 6. David Gravel, 7. Brad World, 8. Spencer Baston, 9. James McFadden, 10. Joe Shelz, 11. Danny Dietrich, 12. Devon Borden, 13. Dylan Sisney, 14. Brock Zirfos, 15. Justin Whittal, 16. Jacob Allen, 17. Jacob Allen, 17. TJ States, 18. Anthony Macri, 19. Matt Campbell, 20. 21. Lucas Wolfe, 22. Lance Dewey, 23. Kyle Moody, 24. Ryan Smith, 25. Sam Hafertepe Jr., 26. Carson Maceda

DNQ: Bill Rose, Troy Fracker, Riley Emig, Craig Kinser, Brent Shearer, Steve Buckwolter, Austin Bishop, Jeff Halligan, Robbie Kendall, Chase Dietz, Tim Schaefer, Aaron Bollinger, Casey Kahn, Noah Gus, Freddie Ramer

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