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Matthew McConaughey talks about the shooting in his hometown of Uwalde – NBC10 Philadelphia

Actor Matthew McConaughey, a well-known Texan who for several months last year was reportedly considering his candidacy for governor, shared a statement at night in response to a deadly mass shooting in elementary school in his hometown of Uwalde.

“We have once again tragically proved that we are not responsible for the rights that our freedoms give us,” McConaughey said. statement on Twitter.

As a result of the shooting, at least 19 children and two teachers were killed, and an unknown number were injured. An 18-year-old gunman was also killed, authorities said.

The current death toll puts the event among the second deadliest school shootings in U.S. history since the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre.

McConaughey said in a written statement that “the real call to action now is for every American” to reflect on what “we really value” and what[w]We cannot exhale again, justify ourselves and accept these tragic realities as the status quo. “

The actor called the problem “an epidemic we can control” – a phrase similar to those he used in the past to condemn gun violence. including in 2018 when he spoke of his support for those involved in the “March for Our Lives,” a student demonstration urging lawmakers to tighten gun laws.

“I have a lot of friends who own guns. I have a lot of friends who are NRA (National Rifle Association). I grew up hunting. We had responsible gun ownership, but I was taught the right way to respect this a tool, ”he said at the time, adding that he supported“ responsible possession of weapons ”but against machine guns and unlimited shops, and he supported“ following the rules ”.

The head coach of Golden State Warriors used the time on the podium before the Warriors-Maurice playoffs to express his feelings after the shooting at an elementary school in Uwald, Texas.

In his latest statement, McConaughey said that “Americans, Texans, mothers and fathers” must “rebuild our values ​​and find common ground over this destructive American reality.”

He concluded a message specifically for the families of the victims in Uwalde, in which he said: “No words can understand or heal your loss, but if prayers can provide comfort, we will continue to come.”

While McConaughey is the most famous figure from Uwalde, the city of about 16,000 people is also home to several professional athletes, including Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Brooks Raleigh, former MLB pitcher Carlos Guevara and former NFL player Van McElroy.

“We know there are parents who have lost children,” Vice President Kamala Harris said on Tuesday. “Enough means enough. As a nation, we must have the courage to take action.”

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