Matthew Wright of the Jaguars team, a graduate of Lampeter-Strasbourg, scored 14 points in a sad victory over the Colts [video] | Sports

Kicker Matthew Wright ended his NFL season, helping the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts 26-11. Wright, who is a pupil of Lampeter-Strasbourg, scored four goals from the game and two extra points in the victory of the “Yags”, which did not allow the “Colts” to qualify for the postseason.

In the game, Wright scored goals from the field at 22, 20, 39 and 31 yards.

Box rating: Jaguars 26, Colts 11 through

Here’s Wright’s 20-yard field goal in the final game of the first half that brought Jacksonville ahead 10-3.

The Jaguars have won just three games this season, but Wright has been a key player in all three of those wins.

October 17, g.p. Wright broke through the 53-yard goal when time ran out give the Jaguars a win over the Miami Dolphins 23-20 in a game in London. That win ended Jags ’20-game losing streak, the second longest in NFL history.

And on November 7 Wright secured all the points in a 9-6 victory against Buffalo.

In the season, Wright, who joined the Jags in their fourth game, received 21 of 24 attempts to score and 13 of 15 attempts to score extra points.

It was Wright’s second year in the NFL. Last season he played three games with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Stats Matthew Wright through

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