Mayor Ed Ganey, Allegheny County Executive Director Rich Fitzgerald tested positive for COVID-19

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two high-ranking leaders are being cured of COVID-19.

County Executive Director Allegheny Rich Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gaine gave a positive result. They spent most of the week together in Harrisburg. According to the mayor’s Facebook page, they were in favor of investing in Pittsburgh’s critical infrastructure.

They spent time with Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in the distance and Gov. Tom Wolfe. Both are negative and wish local leaders a speedy recovery.

According to Fitzgerald, he was warned after Mayor Ganey received a positive result. Fitzgerald passed the test on Friday morning and got a positive result.

“I have no symptoms. I feel good,” he said over the phone. “I’m sure in a few days we’ll both be fine.”

The mayor’s team said Gaine had minimal symptoms. Both now work at home in isolation.

This is due to the growing number of cases across the country. Allegheny County reported 906 infections from April 7 to 11. That’s more than last week when there were 487.

“We knew that during the year we would sometimes see places where everything would jump,” Dr. AHN’s Dr. Brian Lamb told Zoom.

According to Lamb, the guidelines became more relaxed and people came out. He said it shouldn’t stop people from gathering with loved ones this holiday weekend. If you are not vaccinated, your doctor advises you to consider communicating with other people. If you have symptoms, it is best to get tested.

He expects the peaks to continue, but he hopes each peak will be lower than the previous one.

“There’s nothing to fear. We don’t want anyone to panic. Just use common sense,” Dr. Lamb said.

Both Gaine and Fitzgerald believe the vaccine has kept their symptoms to a minimum.

“If I hadn’t been vaccinated, it could have been a completely different issue that I would have dealt with,” Fitzgerald told KDKA.

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