Meet the child ambassadors of the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development in 2022 | Together

The Schreiber Pediatric Development Center will officially present its children ambassadors of 2022 on Saturday, May 14, at the 38th Schreiber Gala Enterprise.

The event on May 14 on the theme of the prom of the 80s will be a highlight of the fact that the center is organizing a gala presentation for the first time in the offices of Listrak near Litice.

In the evening, silent and live auctions and music by The Josh Squared Band will be presented. Details and tickets are available at:

This year’s ambassadors:

Traveler Halblabe, who received a head injury in the baby. Doctors didn’t think she would ever learn to walk or talk, says her mother Jennifer Halblib, but thanks to Journey’s work in various therapy sessions she learned to do both. Jorney lives in Mount Joy with her family.

Sam Leon-Derky, from the estate, at 18 months was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now 12 years old, he has recovered from leg surgery and has become strong enough to go from crawling to walking.

Ellery Mackindo, from the town of Mannheim, was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, a rare disease that has developed intrauterinely and causes stiff, crooked joints and muscle weakness. Mackindo worked in physiotherapy to strengthen her muscles, working on balance and fine motor skills.

Carter Pifer, with Mount Joy Township, faces many problems including autism, sensory problems, feeding problems and vitamin C deficiency, which led to the diagnosis of scurvy. Carter, 5, is receiving occupational therapy to help with his sensitive problems and expand the food he eats. He is also involved in physiotherapy to build strength.

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