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Seya Suzuki was one of the best free agents on the market.

Its a 5-year deal for $ 85 million of the Chicago Cubs is the largest in the history of the Major League Baseball for the Japanese positional player and surpasses his only seven-year contract Masahiro Tanaka with the New York Yankees by $ 155 million in 2014.

The 27-year-old Suzuki, who hits with his right hand, starred in Nippon Professional Baseball, scoring 0.309 with a percentage of base 0.402 and 0.943 OPS in nine seasons with Hiroshima Carp. He posted a hefty 0.433 OBP, making 38 home runs and 26 doubles in 132 games (533 performances on plates) last season.

Meet the new Cow outfielder, whose name is pronounced as “Sai-yai”.

How the Cubs Landed Seiya Suzuki: Team Field in Los Angeles, Wrigley Field Secret Tour and Connection with Yu Darwish

The Cubs waited 99 days until the lockout was over to present his case to Sei Suzuki as to why he should choose the Cubs. What followed a five-day period last week led the Divas to their stellar goal, giving Suzuki the biggest contract for the Japanese player in baseball history.

“We signed a five-year contract for a reason. It’s an investment in him and his future, ”said baseball president Jed Hoer. “If there are any problems with growth or some problems with assimilation, that’s okay for us because we believe that once he gets used to it, we’re really excited about what we’ll get. It will be necessary to suffer a little. “

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Kosuke Fukudome – still playing in Japan at age 44 – says Cub fans will “see” Sei Suzuki’s game

If anyone understands what awaits Japanese star Seiyu Suzuki on Wrigley Field, it is his countryman Kosuke Fukudome.

Fourteen years after Fukudome became the first Japanese player to play for the Cubs, the 44-year-old’s career continues from what began, in professional baseball Nippon, who now plays for the Chunichi Dragons.

His fond memories of Chicago have not diminished in the years since his return to Japan. Fukudome spoke to the Tribune with Japanese reporter Naako Sato, who acted as translator.

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Seiya Suzuki demonstrates with all her eyes the humor and devotion to her spring Cubs debut: “He’s not afraid of challenges”

Near the golf course with a roar slipped past the entrance to the Cubs Club house, slipping to the indoor cages of the complex.

Seiya Suzuki has just completed three innings in his first spring game in front of 10,595 spectators at Sloan Park. His first two appearances at the table were not entirely memorable: two strikeouts, including a pair of border calls.

Suzuki accompanied by a golf cart assistant coach Johnny Washington and translator Toi Matsushita headed to the cages. His post-game media sessions will have to wait.

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Mike Trout’s influence on Seiya Suzuki Cubs goes beyond this viral moment: “You know you’re having an impact”

A shy smile crossed Sei Suzuki’s face at the mention of his viral moment.

During his performance as the new right fielder, Cubs Suzuki showed his admiration for Angels superstar outfielder Mike Trout. When asked why he decided to wear № 27, Suzuki replied in English“I love you, Mike Trout.”

When this topic was touched upon after a workout in Sloan Park, Suzuki couldn’t help but cover his face with his hands, a modest smile still watching.

“I don’t like being in trend,” Suzuki told the Tribune through translator Toi Matsushita. “I don’t like being famous.”

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Seiya Suzuki concludes spring 0-fer home run in front of Cubs fans: “It was very good”

The most memorable spring for Sei was Suzuki.

Suzuki was 0-for-8 when he stepped on the plate in the fourth inning against Seattle Mariners left-hander Mark Gonzalez. He quickly finished the stretch without hitting, though it wasn’t a good start for the bat.

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Sei Suzuki’s discipline on the plate ensured success in the Cubs ’victory on opening day

Seiya Suzuki thought he would be nervous before his Premier League debut, but the Japanese star did not, noting that “it was actually a lot of fun”.

“In all my bats, I could stay myself and enjoy the game today,” Suzuki said through translator Toi Matsushita.

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