Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa recreate the infamous moment on stage Entertainment

Actors Megan Ti Stalion and Dua Lipa took to the stage on Sunday night to present the award for Best New Artist at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, where they recreated a moment from the history of pop culture with a staged failure with a wardrobe.

Both singers approached the microphone in the same black Versace dress and gold pendant, turning to each other in false indignation. “You’re not stealing my look,” Megan said. You’re a Stallion. “I was told I had an exclusive,” Dua Lipa replied, “I need to talk to Donatella.”

A few minutes later, the 66-year-old Italian fashion designer waltzed on stage in a gold dress with sequins and muttering in Italian. She promptly removed the removable skirt from both artists. “You know what? Let’s do it,” she said, opening Dua Lipa’s mini-hem and leaving Megan Thee Stallion with a dramatic midi cut to her thighs. “Now it’s my girls,” Versace said before leaving the stage. “Thank you, Donatella! Now we both look like winners,” Megan added.

While this is a fashion flaw that every celebrity fears, the moment between the two performers on Sunday night was a playful reference to another award ceremony about 24 years ago. At the 1998 Video Music Awards, music legends Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston used fashion to shed light on their supposed professional rivalry. After several years of the press directly comparing their careers, Houston has now made a landmark remark in a 1990 interview when asked what she thinks of Kerry. “What do I think of her?” Houston replied, “I don’t think about her.”

Eight years later, when they together presented the award for best male video, Carrie and Houston maintained their reputation as warring divas by wearing the same brown Vera Wang dress with a plunging neckline. “Beautiful dress,” Carrie told Houston on stage. “It’s one of a kind, right? It looks pretty familiar. ” Gag has gone down in pop history and now lives on for almost three decades.


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