Michelle Pfeiffer will lead the Wild Four O’Clocks | cast Movies

Michelle Pfeiffer will star in “The Wild Four Hours”.

The 64-year-old actress landed the lead role in Peter Craig’s directorial debut, which wrote the screenplay for “Batman” and also worked on “Top Gun: Maverick”.

The film tells the story of two young brothers who fall under the care of their estranged grandmother when their father is sent to prison. She is a bigger than life woman who needs to quickly learn to take care of heartbroken boys.

The company Protagonist Pictures is engaged in international sales of the film and present it to buyers in the Cannes market.

Janina Wilsmeier, head of sales, said: “The launch of Craig’s directorial debut, which is an uplifting and versatile story of family relationships told through the eyes of a child in the great traditions of American storytelling, is a great honor.

“Monetism and the deep nuances of Michelle’s performance make her the perfect choice to lead this happy and inspiring drama.”

Earlier, the star explained how she likes it when she smokes.

Michelle had to shine again in the film “French Exit”, despite the fact that she quit smoking in 1992, and she showed that she still loves a short puff.

She said: “I quit smoking many years ago, but it was always a joy to start again. I always liked it, but the cigarettes I use do not contain nicotine or tar and are not addictive. Finished the movie, finished the party!”

Michelle also talked about being a mature actress in Hollywood, and believes the roles are more than they have been in the past.

She explained: “Something is changing, more opportunities for actresses my age and for women over 30: maybe not very sexy or starring, but interesting.”


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