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Mike McDaniel’s style cannot and should not be ignored.

The Miami Dolphins coach avoided the outfit issued by the team and wore the hottest spring colors at the NFL, and also focused on this wardrobe with Burberry sneakers and a Louis Vuitton backpack that hung over his shoulder all week.

For the NFL owners meeting, he wore a crisp white linen shirt and some designer jeans, looking chic South Florida.

In addition, there are many Yeezy sneakers that will impress any NFL player, even those who have their own stellar collection of sneakers.

“There’s a good amount,” McDaniel said Tuesday when asked about his Yeezys collection, expensive and hard-to-reach Adidas sneakers created by musician and designer Kanye West that the coach wears regularly.

“I’m trying to overcome my personal shortcomings,” McDaniel joked jokingly, noting that his entire wardrobe has finally come from California.

His style clearly catches your eye.

Hopefully, the Dolphins crime, for which McDaniel was hired to fix it, has the same approach to fashion, because turning this unit into the top echelon of NFL performance is the easiest way to get this franchise back relevant.

And McDaniel’s task is to set this trend.

“He’s a supergenius,” said receiver River Craft, who spent time with McDaniel at the 49ers. “That’s all you need to know. He is the smartest of all. And without resentment at everyone else. “

Hearing such praise from your players and peers is cool. But we’ve heard it before.

Former Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was allegedly the genius of Mike McCarthy’s innovative attack in Green Bay. You know, the one who helped future Hall of Fame member Aaron Rogers win the one and only championship.

It turned out to be a hoax.

Adam Hayes brought Peyton Manning’s great success in Denver to “offensive genius” status when he was named head coach of the Dolphins in 2016. But that label also proved deceptive, except for the 2016 season, when Miami rolled on its back. Jay Ajay and the offensive power line before the season with 10 wins and the team’s last place in the playoffs.

From that point on, the Geis criminal was at the bottom until he was fired after the 2018 season and replaced by Brian Flores.

Flores turned out to be exactly what he was advertised to be – a leader of the people and a guru of defense – but he never managed to gather such personnel who could commit a reliable crime that would bring fear to the defense of the enemy.

This is where McDaniel, who is a replacement for Flores, could stand out from his predecessors. He is responsible for creating heavy attacks based on action games that are custom-made for quarterback Tua Tagawailoa – and if that doesn’t happen, we’re probably looking at another futile era.

Only two things can deter this crime and prevent it from reaching its full potential after the Dolphins’ massive transformation into this offseason – the addition of offensive linemen Theron Armstead and Conor Williams, hosts Tyrick Hill, Cedric Wilson and defenders Cedic Eyson and newcomer Eric , Rahim Mostert and Sonny Michelle.

The first is the injuries that each team faces.

And the second is the offensive line that has usually aggravated this franchise over the past decade.

It’s good that this is supposedly one of McDaniel’s specialties, given that he made his way into the NFL coaching ranks, building a reputation as a gaming specialist.

This explains why this spring the focus was on the offensive line and improving Miami’s offensive trench game.

“As for the off-season program, it’s almost created for our offensive liners in terms of approach to things, because you need about two weeks of an hour and a half or an hour and 45 minutes. to digest: “Hey, we ask you to run away from the ball, we ask you to have these landmarks, we ask you not to hesitate,” McDaniel said, referring to the 1st phase of the off-season program. “Then in phase 2 you can drill.”

In the modern era of football, focused on fantastic football, to play football – it’s not stylish. But coaches like McDaniel, who helped change the 49ers franchise by helping them set up a physically rapid attack, could bring it back by once again making a voyeur-pound approach in vogue.

But that only happens if the Dolphins manage to make up for the shortcomings of what was left of last year’s grim offensive line, and the Miami produces a run-based attack that is not only effective and efficient.

But a style that the rest of the NFL admires when not trying to emulate.

Let’s see if he can move from a stylish to a trendsetter.


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