Mike Preston: For the Ravens WR Jarvis Landry would be the right player at the right price

The Ravens should look for a wide receiver that has the same name recognition as the production.

One of the leading candidates seems to be veteran-free agent Jarvis Landry, whose skill set is comparable to Rashod Bateman’s sophomore Ravens. The biggest difference is that Landry has been with the NFL since 2014 and has 688 career receptions for 7,598 yards. A year ago Bateman caught 46 on 515 yards.

In addition, they are the same as the players. After the Crows exchanged Marquis Brown’s fast wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals Nearly two weeks ago, on the first night of the NFL Draft, they knew they had to find someone who could get the attention of the defense coordinators when they focused on the tight end of Mark Andrews.

Landry would be the easiest solution.

There are other well-known receivers of free agents such as Odel Beckham Jr., Will Fuller V and Julia Jones, but they are not suitable due to the overwhelming attack of the Ravens. We’ve seen this before, or rather last year Ju Ju Smith Schuster and TY Hilton refused to come to Baltimore, and instead the Ravens signed Sammy Watkins.

Brown left no doubt that he was unhappy with the passage of the offense led by coordinator Greg Roman, so the Ravens were forced to enter the open market and hopefully sign a veteran who can also teach the young reception corps.

Enter Landry.

He will turn 30 in November, but from 2015 to 2019 he participated in the annual Pro Bowl with the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. He is reliable and has done a few grip catches in key situations, especially against crows. At 5 feet 11 and weighing 196 pounds he can play in the slot or outside, making him the main target for short and medium distance passes. He can also block that he did a lot in Cleveland for star runner Nick Chab.

Doesn’t he sound like Bateman?

The choice of the first round of 2021 will not surprise anyone with its speed, but from time to time it may deepen. Bateman may be the recipient of possession on the third fall; weighing 6-1 and 193 pounds, he can put his body between a defender and a ball like former Ravens receiver Ancuan Boldin. Had Bateman been older and more proven, there would have been no need for Landry, but the 22-year-old has not yet come so far in his development.

Apart from Andrews, the Ravens have no other proven receivers. Devin Duverne seems capable and has excellent speed, but in his two-year career he has made just 53 catches for 473 yards. James Away II is tough and will one day prove his worth in the slot when moving on to a more challenging attack, but in two years he has played little. Tylan Wallace is just entering his second year and is definitely not ready for the starting spot or to share that role.

Ideally, crows need a speed guy. Brown was not tough and had problems with the placement of his hands, which led to problems with catching the ball, but opposing teams always had to respect his speed. He was not in the class of former Kansas City executives and current Dolphin star Tyrick Hill, but he posed similar challenges.

The Ravens may have that speed in Duverne, but they don’t have an attack coordinator who could take advantage of that. In the fourth round, the Ravens drafted two tight ends at Isaiah Lickley and Charlie Colora, indicating that they plan to return to two tight ends. That was when defender Lamar Jackson had the best midfield throw during his 2019 Most Valuable Player season.

If teams try to pick it up, the Ravens may face Landry. Last season, he made just 52 catches for 570 yards and two touchdowns in the fight, but there are no signs that he can’t recover. At his age, he’s probably looking for another big contract for about a year or two, and that’s in line with the Ravens approach of “the right player, the right price”.

And it comes with the recognition of a name that Crows really need.


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