Mike Tyson breaks silence during quarrel on plane Entertaining news

Mike Tyson’s wife doesn’t want him to board “public planes”.

The 55-year-old boxing legend was filmed during a quarrel with Melvin George Townsend III aboard a JetBlue flight last month after his companion allegedly threw a bottle at him before departure, but after talks with both sides, the San Mateo County Attorney’s Office decided not to make any charges.

Mike has admitted that there is always a chance that he will come face to face with “overly excited” fans on board the plane, and it so often happens that his wife, Lucky Spencer, wants him to follow private jets when he has to fly by air. .

He said: “I shouldn’t even go on public planes. My wife is angry, I ride public planes.

“What will I do on the plane af ****** with my friends and [a bodyguard] should he watch me?

“Bodyguard and af ****** yes, man. What am I going to do on the plane?”

The Hangover star has admitted that incidents like on a plane “cause” him, but he knows he has to get involved in a confrontation.

Asked if it was a losing situation, he said in his podcast “Hotboxin” with Mike Tyson: “Yes. 100 percent. “

The controversial athlete accused his companion of “fucking” with him.

He said: “Yes, they said they would not bring charges.

“He was fucking with me, man. I was photographed with this n ****.”

Earlier it was explained that no charges were brought against the incident due to “circumstances of confrontation.”

The San Mateo County Attorney’s Office explained: “These include the victim’s behavior that led to the incident, the interaction between Mr. Tyson and the victim, and the request of the victim and Mr. Tyson not to press charges. filed in this case. “

Steve Wagstaff, the district attorney, told the magazine that by reviewing evidence and “mixed” reports from the San Francisco Police Department, he was able to see that “the victim was intoxicated and instigated the case.”

Steve also concluded that “criminal justice” should not be involved in the case, and said the victim was almost “Darwinian” and “not too bright” to try to fight a man nicknamed “The Worst Man on the Planet”.

He said: “The main thing that matters most is that it’s not a criminal justice case. It’s a pretty Darwinian move to face the former world heavyweight champion. It’s not too bright.”


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