Mila Ventimiglia returns to “The Magnificent Mrs. Meisel” Entertaining news

Mila Ventimiglia will return in the last season of “The Magnificent Mrs. Meisel”.

The 44-year-old actor was only known as “The Handsome” in the show’s fourth award-winning season, and is now ready to return for the fifth and final season.

The character Milo had an ill-fated relationship with Midge, played by Rachel Brosnachen, in her latest appearance in the drama.

Looking forward to the final series, Daniel Paladino – the show’s executive producer – told TVLine: “We’ll see a beautiful, more voluminous second part of‘ Mila and Rachel ’.

Asked if Milo’s character would get a real name in the fifth season, Daniel replied: “Yes, we’ll find out his name.”

Mila reunited with Daniel and executive producer Amy Sherman Paladin in the film “Gorgeous Mrs. Meisel”, previously worked with them in the comedy-drama show “Gilmar Girls”.

The actor enjoyed the opportunity to work with them again after so many years.

Mila, who starred as Jess Marianne in The Gilmar Girls, said in February, “After Gilmar was wrapped up, we didn’t stop talking. I kept them close to my world, and they kept me close to theirs for a long time.

“So when Amy called and said,‘ Hey, you’d come [on the show]? ‘ I said, “Absolutely – all you need.” So it is [was] just fine. They are such good people. And as an actor, it’s always nice to work with creative writers who care so much about work, results and process. “

Miley also enjoyed the experience of working with 31-year-old Rachel on “Gorgeous Mrs. Meisel”.

He shared: “Rachel is my friend, and we had a good time on set. And that’s all we can hope for.”


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