Miley Cyrus received NBC’s second New Year’s Eve issue Celebrities

This year, Miley Cyrus will once again perform with her “New Year’s Party” for NBC.

Hitmaker Wrecking Ball has created its own TV show to mark the turn of the year from 2021 to 2022, and now broadcasters have confirmed that her show will return again on December 31st.

For her first special, Miley co-starred with Pete Davidson in a live show with Miami, though it is unknown whether Saturday Night Live will return this year, although NBC has confirmed that Lorne Michaels will return as executive. manufacturer.

At Miley’s “New Year’s Eve” party in 2021, the star’s sister Noah Cyrus, as well as Sauiti, Anita, Jack Harlow, Brandi Carlisle, Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day and others performed, and attracted 4.4 million viewers.

Miley and Pete had been friends for a while and had previously shown that they had the same tattoos until the “King of Staten Island” star secretly removed it.

The couple appeared in a sketch on “SNL” in 2017 as rap babies, ending with the words “We Kids”.

Mile said: “We were dressed like babies, everything seemed fun and good. For some reason we looked at each other and said, “This is a great tattoo … we do it.”

Pete added, “And then we did … And then I burned mine, and you still have it.”

The “Malibu” singer understood only when she saw that Pete had started the process in advertising.

She said, “He drinks Smartwater and removes laser tattoos … and I say, ‘Wait a minute.’ That’s where the “we kids” were.

Pete jokingly said, “These aren’t kids.”


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