Millcreek Twp. responds to cat disputes

The Town of Millcreek issued the following public safety release to the media on Friday, August 5, 2022:

Public safety remains the highest priority of Millcreek Township. Whether it’s responding to dangerous altercations, monitoring the neighborhood for illegal activity, or assisting residents in their time of need, the Millcreek Police Department and Animal Control Services reliably serve and protect Millcreek Township.

With that in mind, a Millcreek Township animal control officer responded to a stray cat call on July 29thousand at 2:34 PM in the 3200 block of Berkeley Street. The caller explained that a stray cat that had been wandering around the neighborhood for at least a week came into the caller’s house uninvited.

Upon arrival, the officer observed the cat and immediately noticed that the cat was host to multiple parasites, was not wearing a collar with an owner identification tag, and did not display a rabies vaccination tag. Additionally, no identification microchip was found.

Using standard industry precautions specifically designed to reduce the spread of animal-borne diseases, the officer used a pole to remove the cat from the home. The cat reacted aggressively and risked the safety of all involved.

Out of an abundance of caution, the cat was euthanized in accordance with the Pennsylvania Animal Killing Permit Act, specifically in the interest of public safety and the potential for the spread of rabies and other animal-borne diseases. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) strongly recommends that all pet owners regularly vaccinate their pets against rabies, spay and neuter the animal, and limit contact with other wild animals. More information can be found at

Millcreek would like to take this opportunity to encourage residents to practice responsible pet ownership by following CDC guidelines. Additionally, Millcreek would like to remind residents that littering cats in neighborhoods and parks is a violation of the law. Animals can be dropped off at The Human Society at: 2407 Zimmerly Rd, Erie, PA 16506 or call them at 814-835-8331 for more information.

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