Moravia Health is expanding under the leadership of Frank Igwe Business

Frank Igwe describes his path to becoming president and founder of Moravia Health as a divine intervention and opportunity to help others.

In 2012, the former business consultant and leader of the nonprofit founded Moravia Health, a Medicare and Medicaid home-based agency with full service and licensed state.

Moravia is the largest home health agency in Pennsylvania. The company serves more than 1,500 customers, and the last few years have seen a significant increase in the number of customers it serves.

How Igwe manages a home health agency that has grown into a team of 1,500 employees. He draws on his guiding philosophy: “Do good by doing good.”

“I wanted to do good by doing good,” Igwe said. “How can I pool money to actually provide services to my community and we come up with home health care.”

Moravia Health’s revenue in 2020 was $ 75 million, compared to about $ 40 million in 2019. Providing home care services mainly for the disabled and the elderly.

However, Igwa’s path to a successful healthcare business was not a direct path.

For many years he has been a business management consultant with clients in Washington, DC. In search of a career and position that would fit his passion and goals, Igwe moved from corporate governance to work in the nonprofit sector before embarking on healthcare.

“I used to be a business management consultant in Washington, DC,” Igwe said. “When I was doing this, I found that I had enough money to live on, the pay was great, but I didn’t have enough passion. That’s why I went from one extreme to another. “

Igwe resigned as a business management consultant and founded City ACES (Athletes Changing Expectations), where he served as president of the organization.

“Which was a non-profit organization and also was in Washington, DC,” Igwe said. “We have held events in high schools across the country with NFL, NBA and NCAA players, promoting the value of education. But again, I found myself in a completely opposite spectrum when it came to work that I was passionate about, but lacked the money. ”

The last event Igwe hosted as president of City ACES was in Baltimore, Maryland, with the Baltimore Ravens.

“It was on the streets of Moravia. If you drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore on I-95, you will see a street called Moravia Road. At the time, call it the intervention of God or the voice of God, but I heard an inner voice that said remember that name, Moravia, ”Igwe said.

“So after the nonprofit (pazation) I took a year off and thought about my life and where I would like to be in the next five years. And what was repeated was that I wanted to do good by doing good, ”Igwe said.

Moravia is a historical region in the east of the Czech Republic and one of the three historical Czech lands with Bohemia and Czech Silesia. For Igwa, the name Moravia means crossroads.

“It was a path and a crossroads between business management consulting, a non-profit organization and a halfway point where I could combine passion and earn a decent living by helping people,” Igwe said. “Every time I see Moravia, it’s a reminder of God’s promise to me that day in Baltimore.”

Igwe said he believes there are several key elements that separate his business from others in the field. First, he is proud of Moravia for its outstanding customer service, genuine care for the people they serve, and most importantly, educating community members.

“As far as I can tell, the greatest thing we do for our community is education. What do I mean? We inform these people that these services exist, there are government programs where you have a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, who take care of their elderly grandparents, their elderly mother, their elderly grandfather, and they do it for free, ” said Igwe.

“Our whole point is that if you’re going to do it for free, there are programs where you can get money to take care of a member of your family who may need the service. Thus, the greatest contribution we make from our community is to expand economic opportunities. But at the same time we provide an economic injection and infusion of money into the household, where people who are unfortunately in a low-income group have the means to support themselves as well as their large family as a whole “, – Igwe said.

According to Igwe, many people need medical services at home.

“So when we first came, I did it with love. I did not climb for money. I got involved because I saw that many people in our communities do not manage properly, ”Igwe said.

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