Morgantown’s canine cancer survivors are honored on the National Calendar Day

The celebrity, a registered therapy dog ​​and cancer patient from Morgantown, was celebrated on National Dog Day on August 22.

The registrar of the National Day Calendar has announced that Aug. 22 will forever be the annual Never Bean Better Day in honor of Bean, the Morgantown golden retriever, popular in the community, television actor and canine spokesperson.

Never Bean Better Day encourages people to learn a few dog tricks from their canine friends. The main message is to find time to live in the moment during these dog days of summer.

“Never Bean Better Day is all about sharing the joy of living with joy,” said Michelle Drager, Never Bean Better Day spokeswoman and Bean Handler. “This fun day recognizes the unconditional love that dogs bring to people’s lives and encourages us all to live in the moment.”

Never Bean Better Day encourages people to learn from their canine friends and take time to live in the moment during these dog days of summer. (Photo submitted)

“This year also marked the 13th birthday of Bean, a dog who survived cancer and who willingly spreads his ‘woof’, improving the lives of those who need it most,” she said.

This year, Bean is sharing the “beans” with “Patriotic paws” program. from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. A gift of $1,300 was made in his honor to this program, which helps veterans adopt a furry friend.

As Bean says, share the “Bin-Woove” and do it generously like the dogs. Dogs give all their love without fail in antics that only canines can do.

“Sometimes they even have their own language,” Drager said, as Bean does when singing to his more than 75,000 social media followers with his infamous “woo-woo” song.

Dog lovers were invited to join in the fun and share #beanwuv by using the hashtags #NeverBeanBetterDay or #neverbeanbetter and tag @neverbeanbetterwoowoo and @neverbeanbetter to wish cancer survivor Bean a 13th birthday. They were asked to get out, have some summer fun and live life free, and then share their dog days of summer photos on Never Bean Better social media.

Bean’s story

This cute golden retriever was born in Morgantown on August 22, 2009 under the registered dog name of Neversink’s Never Bean Better, and then lived in Columbia Falls, Montana for several years, traveling around North America before returning to his roots in Pennsylvania. owned by Jim and Michelle Drager, has grown into an ambassador of love.

He became a registered therapy dog ​​at the age of 2 through Berks County Therapy Dog Group observation and Alliance of Therapy Dogs Inc. certification. headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Bean began walking as a young therapy dog ​​at Penn State Health St. Joseph, and then served as a therapy dog ​​for three years at North Valley Hospital, now Logan Health, in Whitefish, Montana.

He traveled across North America and shared his Bean wuv like a dog with celebrity spokes. He brought joy to many sick and destitute children, lonely elderly people and invited to raise funds for his less fortunate canine brothers. He was quoted in Wall Street Journal and played a paranormal-sensing dog on the Animal Planet TV show “The Haunted.”

Locally, he has appeared on BCTV’s Dog Is Family and joined WFMZ’s Nancy Vertin and Kim Howie on The Wisdom Coalition podcast. He is known all over the world for his woo-woo. When you ask, Bean answers.

“He’s a virtual therapy dog,” Drager said.

Don’t you have a dog? No problem, Bean is everyone’s dog and has a pack of friends. Follow the tail of Never Bean Better on its social media pages on Facebook: Instagram:

Bean is co-authoring a forthcoming book due out in early 2023. This therapy dog ​​and his cute pack of Never Bean Better golden retrievers will train people to live in the wild. It is co-authored and master-chained by Michel Drager; its editor, Beth Kalman Werner, Author Connection, LLC; and is published by Tracey Jones, Tremendous Publishing.

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