Mountain Top Rehabilitation Center offers free balance reviews

Allied Services Mountain Top Rehabilitation Center announced Monday that a free balance review will be offered next Wednesday to help prevent the fall.

Screenings open to community members of all ages will be held May 25 at Allied Services, located at N. Mountain Blvd, 44. at the top of the mountain.

According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death in adults over 65 years of age.

“It only takes a small reduction in your mobility, strength, vision or balance to significantly increase your risk of falling,” said Allied Services Mountain top manager Patricia Starkey. “Screening can identify a person’s functional abilities, balance problems and help us eliminate these deficiencies.”

The screenings will take about 30 minutes and are designed to inform therapists ’recommendations to help people stay active, safe and independent.

Interested patients should schedule an examination in advance by calling 570-830-8982.

Seats are limited and visits are not allowed.

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