My kids keep me out of trouble, says Zoe Saldana | Celebrities

Zoe Saldana’s kids are keeping her “out of trouble.”

The 44-year-old actress has twins Bowie and Cy, seven, and Zen, five, with husband Mark, and Zoe credits them as one of the keys to her youthfulness.

She shared, “I think having kids keeps me out of trouble. I go to bed early. I eat better. Sometimes I sleep longer. I went back to sleep.”

The Hollywood star changed her lifestyle after becoming a mother.

Zoe is a lot more self-disciplined now than ever – and she thinks it’s paying dividends.

The actress, who married Mark in 2013, told PEOPLE, “I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Whereas right before they came along, I was very much a work hard, play hard policy.

“And I loved my life like that. But I feel like having kids came at the right time for me, because in your mid-thirties to late thirties, early forties, you go to bed thinking you’re alone and you wake up feeling like something else.”

Meanwhile, Zoe previously discussed the challenge of raising three young boys.

The actress believes that “it would be great to be a mother of daughters”, but she “accepts the challenge” of raising sons.

Speaking in 2020, Zoe joked: “There was supposed to be a third [a daughter] and my husband simply does not give girls.

“I would have been a great mother to daughters, but the universe, in its irony, and how I became a mom of three boys in the post-#MeToo movement [means] I accept the challenge.’

Zoya happily “raised” her sons.

She said: “I get to witness and really nurture a young boy before he turns into a man, and I think that’s a challenge for us mothers as well.”


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