Nearly 1,000 rallies in downtown Pittsburgh for the right to abortion News | Pittsburgh

Nearly 1,000 demonstrators gathered in downtown Pittsburgh on May 14 to stand up for the right to abortion.

Bans Off Our Bodies, organized by groups including Women’s March Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood, joined demonstrations across the country on Saturday following a leaked draft Supreme Court ruling by Judge Samuel Alyt to overturn Rowe v. Wade.

“We are marching today to say that this war against the female body will primarily harm vulnerable women. We are marching to say that abortion is health care, “said Tracy Button, director of the Women’s March in Pittsburgh.” We are marching today to declare that we will stand together until all women get what they need. to live in health, safety and joy ”.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Haney was among the speakers who addressed the crowd in the city’s county building.

“The attack on Rowe against Wade is not new, we knew it would be,” Gaine says.

The large crowd was energetic throughout the event: demonstrators held hand-made signs such as “Abortion is health care”, and organizers chanted something like: “Do not leave it to natural selection, vote in all elections.”

Throughout the event, speakers stressed the importance of voting in the upcoming Pennsylvania election on Tuesday, May 17th.

“Oh, it’s so important that people vote in every election, intimidate them, show that we will come to the polls, and politics will change,” says Baton. “There are people who vote against abortion, that’s a much higher percentage than those who vote for abortion.”

Protesters at the rally repeated Baton’s statement.

“I hope we will have enough people to vote. And, at least, at least we keep Pennsylvania blue, ”said Valery Skarpachi, a protester at the rally. Pittsburgh City Newspaper. “So even if it goes through the Supreme Court, at least in Pennsylvania it will be safe and legal to have an abortion.”

Other participants of the demonstration told City newspaper that it’s a movement that’s been around for a long time, some say they’ve been doing it for decades.

“I am a product of the 70s, graduated from the 75s. And Rowe vs. Wade was a big deal when I was in high school in ’72. So I just think it’s very important that we continue this tradition, “said demonstrator Denise Stewart.

The demonstration took place on the streets of downtown Pittsburgh and ended in Market Square, where organizers handed out cards with information on how to register to vote and where to find out about local candidates.

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