Newman defeats Dikronian in Republican primaries in 167th constituency – Daily Local

Gail Newman, a health worker who won the Republican primary in the 167th Legislature, one of several controversial races in Chester County, won Melissa Dykranian, a small business owner.

According to unofficial election results, Newman received 4,181 votes, more than twice as many as Dykranyan, who received 2,043 votes.

In the general election this fall, Newman will face incumbent MP Christine Howard, who participated in the primaries from the Democratic Party without opposition.

In a previous interview with MediaNews Group, Newman said her work experience will give her insight for the office.

“I feel that being a small business person, a middle-class worker, working in health care all my adult life, is a great foundation for serving“ we, the people, ”Newman said. “I want to support all people and defend the identity of small businesses and workers whose needs are often not met.

“I am in favor of lower taxes, big schools with a choice (while defending public schools), vocational training programs, protection of special needs programs, balanced development, a clean environment with all the energy above, health care choices, ending excessive and preferential small business blocking, which has bankrupted so many businesses (the vast majority of people work in small business), law and order with the reform of criminal justice.

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