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100 years ago

HALMAN BROAD UNION — Despite the scorching sun accompanied by extremely high humidity, all members of the Holman family appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed their 15th annual reunion held at the Holman Family Park, Skippack, on Saturday. It was the second time the family had gathered in their own park. The thickly timbered grounds given by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Moyer last April as a permanent meeting place is an ideal place for this purpose … Most of those present brought baskets filled with good food, which Mrs. Hollman and her committee of smiling matrons was smashed in front of hungry children and their parents.

EXCESSIVE HEAT CAUSES A VIOLATION — After finishing his day’s work at a sawmill near his home on Friday, Arthur Musselman, 38 years old, who lives near Rocky Ridge, suddenly went very mad. It is believed that the excessive heat last week caused the disturbances.

URBAN TOPICS — A new dome was erected on the building of the elementary school on Kashtanova Street, on the site of the one recently destroyed by lightning. A fresh coat of paint is also being applied to the entire building … HF Pent, formerly a cigar maker here, which later became the H. Sommer Co., went into the cigar business and is now employed by the Corazo Cigar Co. ., Seventh and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia. We wish Mr. Pento the best of luck.

A GUY MEETS DEATH IN A FIST FIGHT — On Friday night, in a fight in a candy store in Norristown, 17-year-old Alexander Neal suffered a broken neck, death occurred instantly. Henry Falconi of Bridgeport is in jail on a manslaughter charge because Police Chief Wilson was told he hit young Neal with such force that one of his fingers was badly dislocated… Giangulia and Falconi were drinking ice cream when Neal and four others entered . The fight broke out when six young men swung at a table where two others were sitting. Chief Wilson, having learned that the dancing was going on at that time, gave orders that from now on they would not be allowed in any candy store.

A RAGED BULL KILLED A MAN — Last Friday, a 1,300-kilogram bull, enraged by the abuse of children as it was being led to slaughter through the streets of Bethlehem, charged into the crowd and killed 21-year-old Nicholas Kasyar. The animal tripped and fell on the young man, who also fell in his efforts to get out of the way. His chest was crushed.

50 years ago

5,800 STUDENTS EXPECTED IN SOUTHERN SCHOOLS — The total number of students in primary classes, including kindergarten, this year is planned to be 3,226, in secondary schools from grades 7 to 12 — 2,574, which is 5,800 students. This year’s professional staff includes 315 classroom teachers and instructional specialists … New positions for the district this year include the hiring of a second elementary guidance counselor and the addition of an instructor for those students whose dominant language is not English.

CARNIVAL PLANNED IN TELFORD — Telford Chamber of Commerce will present “Carnival Time” from September 5 to 9 at Romanoski Field, Central Avenue, Telford. There will be games, entertainment, prizes and treats, as well as many other attractions.

STATE POLICE WILL EXECUTE ALL POLICE ATTACKS AT THE FESTIVAL — The Philadelphia Folk Festival returns to Salford’s Old Pool Farm this weekend with concerts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and an expanded series of daytime workshops… Upper Salford town leaders tried to get a ban earlier this summer on Montgomery County Courts banned the festival, but Judge Robert W. Honeyman ruled that the festival could be held under certain conditions. One was that the state police controlled traffic, another was that the concerts ended at midnight, and the third was that the crowd was limited to 6,500 for any performance … Leading the parade of talent to appear at the festival is Don McLean, whose record ” American Pie” topped the national charts a few months ago. McLean has a background in folk music, and festival officials say the singer contacted them and asked to appear at the festival.

HILLTOWN TWP. GETS A NEW MAIL ROUTE — The affected section will no longer use “RR,” which stands for Rural Route, after the post office address, which remains Perkasie. Now residents will receive house numbers.

MAJORITY IN COGHLIN POLL SAY VIETNAM FULFILLED — A majority of respondents to a poll by U.S. Congressman Lawrence Coughlin (R-Pennsylvania) favor an early withdrawal from Vietnam, but strongly refuse to give in to Hanoi’s demand for a coalition government as the price of peace… Thirty-five percent when asked about amnesty for those who left the country because of refusal to serve in Vietnam, those who responded indicated “Never.”

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