“Night Sky”: Sisi Spacek and J. K. Simmons starred in “Stories of Unrequited Love.” Entertaining news

It’s hard to go wrong when you throw a couple of Oscar winners into something Night sky showman Daniel S. Connall calls it “an encouraging combination of a long love story and magical adventures.”

At the center of the series – Irene and Franklin York (Sisi Spacek and J. K. Simmons), a retired couple from the Midwest with a big secret: in their backyard there is a space “camera” that can transport them to a distant planet.

(Credit: Prime Video)

But the discovery of a wounded young man (Hansen tea) outside the camera changes their quiet life. Also set up to create another wrinkle for the couple: the appearance of an Argentine mother (Juliette Zilberberg) and a daughter (Russia Hernandez) with their own ward.

However, this entertaining flight of fancy remains grounded by its stars. Channel says, “It’s a strong connection to this couple.”

Night skyPremiere of the original series, Friday, May 20, Prime Video

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